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Net Zero Carbon

Formula E - the first sport with certified net zero carbon footprint from inception



The Formula E race calendar has taken us to numerous host cities across Europe since our inaugural season. In our European host countries, we don’t invest directly in offsetting initiatives like we do across the rest of the world, as carbon credits don’t exist in Europe.

As an alternative, we have invested in European ‘Guarantees of Origin’ (GO) renewable energy certificates, which are the best way to make a positive impact locally and increase the market momentum for renewable energies.

GO certificates are recognisable, verifiable and tradable commodities for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, to provide evidence that their consumed energy has been derived from renewable sources. Without a GO, there is no guarantee on the energy source and its origin could include nuclear or fossil fuel burning power stations.

Through the European Commission, each EU member state is mandated to have a GO certificate system and Formula E has invested in GO certificates in our European host city nations, supporting them in the most locally appropriate way and driving the demand for renewable energy sources across the whole of Europe.

The use of GO renewable energy certificates contributes directly to 2 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) (7, 13).