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Formula E Internship

Business Intelligence Internship

The Business Intelligence team sits at the heart of Formula E, working with all of the individual business units to provide data and insight to help support effective decision making. The purpose of the Business Intelligence Intern will be to support the team in collecting, analysing and reporting on data and insights, as well as being a comprehensive and active learning and development experience to enable career growth.

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What is FIA Girls on Track?

Motorsport is one of the only sports where men and women can compete as equals. However, as of today, only 1.5% of total licensees recorded in the world are women. FIA Girls On Track aims to increase that percentage by inviting young women from 12 to 18 years old to discover, for free, the different aspects of Motorsport and its industry through a set of activities and workshops.



The FIA Girls on Track is a true 360° project to empower young girls and promote gender equality in an innovative, engaging and positive manner. As Motorsport is also strongly linked to major industry, FIA Girls On Track gives the girls involved in the programme the chance to engage with career opportunities in all aspects of motorsport and beyond.

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Watch all the latest films from the Formula E FIA Girls on Track programme, including an exclusive video series from ABB, showcasing key women working within the sport.