What is Formula E
Racing without limits

Progress is unstoppable

It’s time to accelerate into the second half of the season and like our drivers, we have no desire to play it safe - the fight for the title is on.

gen3 progress is unstoppable

Electric entertainment at 200MPH. Strap in, you're about to discover the future of motorsport.

Unbeatable tech, global city circuits, top teams and drivers, unpredictable competition, world's greenest sport. Get into the action.

Gen3 is here


Inspired by a fighter jet, every aspect of the Gen3 has been rethought, redesigned and rebuilt to become the most advanced electric car on the track. Setting the benchmark for high-performance, efficient and, sustainable racing without compromise.

Formula E races are like a high speed game of chess
  • Entertainment_at_200MPH
    45 Mins Of Entertainment at 200MPH
    High speed, action packed racing and did we mention there are no rear hydraulic brakes? Would you take the wheel?
  • Future_Today
    Introducing the Future, Today
    The first sport to be Net Zero since inception, we're more than just the race. We share our technology to pioneer the way for the road cars of tomorrow.
  • One_Car_Per_Driver
    One Car Per Driver, Every Mistake Counts
    All cars on the grid have the same chassis and battery, with the strategy laid out by the teams it's up to the skill of the drivers to battle their way to the front. No short cuts here.
  • Greatest_Cities
    Racing on the city streets of the worlds greatest cities
    From the glamour of Monaco to the carnival of Sao Paulo, city street racing as you've never seen it before.

16 Races in Season 8, Nine Different Winners.

Meet the most competitive grid in motorsport, where any driver has the chance of climbing to the top step of the podium. It's a grid made up of world class drivers with skills from all over the motorsport spectrum, driving some of the most legendary names in racing. We're talking McLaren, Jaguar and Porsche among others all vying for the big prize: world championship glory.

DS PENSKE announces Vandoorne and Vergne