Jakarta governer Anies on the collaboration between Formula E and IMI-Jakpro

Jakarta governer Anies on the collaboration between Formula E and IMI-Jakpro

The Central Indonesian Motor Association (IMI) met with Formula E co-founder and chief championship officer Alberto Longo and president director of Jakpro, Widi Amanasto, this week to discuss preparations for Formula E's visit to DKI Jakarta in June next year.

IMI chairman Bambang Soesatyo and secretary general Ahmad Sahroni, emphasised the importance of the E-Prix in placing Indonesia on the international motorsport map. The IMI also feel the Jakarta E-Prix 2022 will be key in supporting the country's economic recovery post-pandemic.

"For Indonesia, the 2022 E-Prix is more than just a racing event, but also a message to the whole world that Indonesia is recovering after the COVID-19 pandemic," said Soesatyo. "We are ready to welcome tourists and investors back in the country, and this will support the government's post-pandemic economic restoration plan."

Secretary general of IMI, Ahmad Sahroni, also expressed his optimism regarding the Formula E event in the capital city. "In Formula E, electric vehicle technology is placed front-and-centre, which is a key government objective. The event will provide some momentum to the community with the number of consumers switching to EVs in Indonesia still rather low. The government continues to intensify EV incentives, and the E-Prix will be part of a large-scale normalisation of electric cars in the community," said Sahroni.

Alberto Longo, Formula E co-founder and chief championship officer, expressed his confidence that the Jakarta E-Prix will prove itself to be one of the most successful E-Prix in the world. "I see the extraordinary enthusiasm of the Indonesian people and the far-reaching collaboration involved in putting the event on," he said. "There are many locations we've had to select from but the one we have in mind would be an ideal circuit. We all have to work hard to pull things together, with an announcement on its way in the coming weeks."

"Of course, as an international racing event, Formula E also wants to ensure the readiness of DKI Jakarta as the host, and of course we are ready," said Widi Amanasto, president director of Jakpro. "Season 8 will take in 12 cities, including Jakarta, Vancouver, Seoul, Berlin, New York, Rome and Monaco. This opportunity to host Formula E places Jakarta at the top table, alongside a list of world-class cities around the globe."