Merci, President Todt

President Todt,

You have been there from the very beginning; a visionary with a firm focus on the future of our sport, safety and our planet. As partners, standing side-by-side, we have driven motorsport forward into a new era. An era in which the thrill of motor racing places purpose at its heart and underpins the clean technologies of the future.

In under a decade, with your support at every step, Formula E has flourished from a simple idea noted on a napkin in a Paris restaurant, to a grid full of the biggest names in motorsport. From our very first race in Beijing, we have raced around the world and the future is imminent, with new cities joining our calendar and Gen3 soon to demonstrate the benchmark for sustainability as the world's most efficient racing car.

Champions have been crowned and heroes made. Under your leadership, we broke new ground and delivered the FIA’s first all-electric World Championship. Your legacy will continue, and ensures our foundations of racing through the streets of the most iconic cities in the world showing just what sustainable mobility and electric vehicles are capable of standing strong.

The electric revolution is accelerating, and there is no turning back. Together we set the standard.

From every one of us at the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship: merci Jean, and bon voyage.

Find out how the only electric FIA World Championship came to be, with all the landmarks and our history in full