09 Sep 20

Join the race for clean air and commit to making your next car electric

This World EV Day, alongside the ABB FIA Formula E Championship's title partner ABB, we're asking you to sign the pledge and make your commitment to transitioning to an electric vehicle known.

Formula E is more than a race. ABB, the global leader in e-mobility, shares the championship's drive for sustainability and progress towards zero emissions. Together, we're accelerating progress through technical innovation, pushed forward by world-class motor racing.

World EV Day: How Formula E, its teams and its partners are marking #WorldEVDay | #PositivelyCharged

The World EV Day pledge, launched by ABB and Green.TV, exists to encourage and recognise drivers committed to playing their part in that push with their intent to make the move into driving electric, as well as to highlight the crucial role electric vehicles can play in advancing sustainability.

Make your next car electric. Sign up and signal your intent to reduce emissions, commit to cleaner air, and a more sustainable future with #myevpledge

“Today marks an important milestone in the history of e-mobility with the world’s first EV Day," said Tarak Mehta, President of ABB Electrification. "As headline partner, ABB is delighted to see so many individuals from around the globe taking positive action by signing the pledge.”

“At ABB we are committed to inspiring drivers towards a sustainable electric future. As such we have launched an ABB fleet electrification pilot program, starting in the UK and with other countries including the Netherlands set to follow.”

ABB's EV explainers

If you're unsure about anything EVs from the mechanics of ownership to where, how and how quickly you can charge your EV, ABB has your back below with a handy how-to reel answering some of the most common questions about electric mobility.