Hong Kong ePrix can be world-leading event

FIA Formula E CEO Alejandro Agag believes the HKT Hong Kong ePrix can become one of the leading motorsport events in the world.

Speaking at the first race of the 2016/17 season, he said: “I think the team have done an incredible job and I think the bar has been set really, really high for the next couple of races and motorsport in general. I think this event is one of the top motorsport events, not only in Formula E but any other motorsport in the world.”

Agag paid tribute to the of the Formula Electric Racing Hong Kong team, who have put the event together.

“I think street racing is very difficult to organise and to set up,” he said. “I think in cities like Hong Kong with it obviously being one of the major cities in the world, we are going to have traffic and a lot of people are working in this area, so it is even more difficult.

“This is an incredible backdrop for the race, I think we’ve done it again, but it will be even better if we keep improving. I am so very, very happy to be in Hong Kong.”

Alex Arena, Group Managing Director HKT said: “Hong Kong is very vibrant, there’s a hustle in Hong Kong. So this kind of event in Hong Kong in the heart of Hong Kong, gets into the spirt of Hong Kong and also Hong Kong lacks, for an international city, quite a few of these world class events. We’re really happy, it’s a great time of year to be holding it in Hong Kong and we hope it becomes a permanent fixture.”

Alan Fang, CEO of Formula Electric Racing Hong Kong said: “We are very happy with the preparation; I think the team has worked extremely well because of the central location that we have. We left ourselves tight on time to have the least impact as possible. I think the team has done a great job putting everything together in terms of track and everything and I'm very appreciative to all the people who have been working with us and our sponsors but in particular my team who lead me day and night and they’ve done a great job and I’m very happy with it.”