Formula E Live Ghost Racing

Real-time virtual racing from Formula E and Virtually Live, which pitches you against the entire ABB FIA Formula E grid.

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Using cutting-edge telemetry, all the real-time racing action is replicated in CGI, mirroring each car's position on track while you battle your way through some of the world's most iconic city street circuits.


See that spin? Re-watch that win? No problem. Clip up all your highs, lows, achievements and disasters from the race and share them on social. Post that record Qualifying time or just sit back and enjoy the live action from the cockpit. It's your race.


Jump back in and replicate real-life scenarios and challenges from previous races and pit your skills against friends, rivals and drivers. Fight through from the back of the pack, conserving energy and defending against an opponent or test your reaction times. It's down to you.

A screenshot of the live ghost racing app showing Formula E cars in action - work in progress