Formula E launches Manufacturers' Trophy in Season 10

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Formula E launches Manufacturers' Trophy in Season 10

In a significant development for Season 10, Formula E has introduced the Manufacturers' Trophy, a new award recognising the leading manufacturer in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship. Set to be presented for the first time at the close of the 2023/24 season, this trophy marks a fresh competitive element within the Championship.

formula e teams grid

Formula E boasts one of the most impressive and competitive manufacturer line-ups in motorsport. The Championship features six manufacturers (Electric Racing Technologies, Jaguar, Mahindra Racing, Nissan, Porsche, and STELLANTIS) powering 11 teams, underlining the depth of the field.

The scoring for this trophy mirrors that of the Teams' Championship, with points awarded based on the performance of each manufacturer's two highest-scoring cars in every race (1st place: 25 points; 2nd place: 18 points; 3rd place: 15 points etc.). Points for Pole Position and Fastest Lap are also factored into the totals.

jaguar team podium diriyah
Jaguar heads up the newly formed Manufacturers' Trophy following the early season success from Jaguar TCS Racing and Envision Racing in Mexico City and Diriyah

A unique trophy will be awarded to the winning manufacturer at the season’s end, during the Formula E prize-giving ceremony. Additionally, the victor will receive a Winner’s Badge to be displayed on helmets, cars, and team apparel in the subsequent season.

Alberto Longo, Co-Founder and Chief Championship Officer, Formula E, said: "We are thrilled to unveil the Manufacturers' Trophy for Season 10 of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship. This has been a long time in the making and marks a real milestone in the evolution of the Championship as it captures the competitive spirit that fuels Formula E.

“Our manufacturers are at the heart of our journey, pushing the boundaries of technology and sustainability in motorsport. Their contributions are vital, not just in shaping the future of racing but in advancing electric vehicle technology for the road. This trophy will celebrate their innovation, their commitment, and their role in driving us towards a more sustainable future."

Ian James, Chairman, Teams and Manufacturers Association (FETAMA), Formula E: "With the launch of the Manufacturers' Trophy in Season 10, we're stepping into a new era of Formula E, one that further amplifies our dedication to innovation. Formula E as a World Championship features one of the most impressive Manufacturer line-ups in motorsport, and it is great to be able to recognise and reward the contributions of Manufacturers to the series’ past, present and future. The addition of this trophy not only intensifies the competitive landscape but also shines a spotlight on the advanced engineering behind each team.

“It's a thrilling prospect for us as engineers to see our work in electric vehicle technology get the recognition it deserves on such a prominent stage. We're eager to see how these developments elevate the Championship and engage fans more deeply than ever before. The ⁠competition is extremely fierce this season, with many Manufacturers in contention, so it will be an exciting battle on the track."

This initiative promises enhanced visibility for manufacturers, leveraging Formula E’s digital and broadcast platforms for richer storytelling. To heighten fan engagement, Formula E will develop new broadcast graphics, offering insights into the distinct powertrains of each car, thereby enriching the viewing experience and spotlighting manufacturers on global live broadcasts.

New leaderboards are also set to debut, highlighting the competitive strides of manufacturers throughout the season and adding a new layer to the championship narrative. Complementing these advancements, updates to each team's profile on the Formula E website will include their manufacturer and branded car name, ensuring fans receive a thorough understanding of the exciting competition.