The tech, battery, performance and interior of the new electric Porsche Macan

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The tech, battery, performance and interior of the new electric Porsche Macan

Porsche have given a first glimpse of the new all-electric Macan EV, showing off the new tech, engineering and software powering one of the sports car brand's bestsellers into the electric era.


The Macan is more than 10 years old and is yet to see any electrification. The new e-Macan ushers in the electric age and leapfrogs the hybrid generation entirely, while keeping a hold of the performance, practicality and design cues that make the current model such a success.

The 2024 electric Porsche Macan spotted

Prototypes of the new Macan have long been spied rounding the roads around Porsche HQ and Zuffenhausen for months, with two million miles the aim for durability testing. Leipzig, the home to be of the Macan EV as well as the Panamera and Cayenne, is also, obviously, a key locale. 

Then, at the back end of 2023, Porsche sent a 600bhp+ Macan EV rocketing around the Nuerburgring Nordschleife to hone its performance and poise to the Stuttgart firm's exacting requirements for the badge.

Journalists and development drivers have gushed about the car's handling and performance, from the passenger seat at least - suggesting the new model will be every bit as sharp as its combustion-engined predecessor.

Under the skin: The electric Porsche Macan's powertrain, chassis, battery and charging

The new e-Macan is based on the Volkswagen Group's Premium Platform Electric (PPE) - developed jointly by Porsche and Audi. It's set to underpin the Audi Q6 e-tron and is designed for premium segment e-SUVs - bespoke to higher-riding cars and completely differing from the Taycan under the skin.

It's built around an 800-volt architecture, with charing times and consumption comparable to the Taycan at 270kW - delivering 60 miles of range in four minutes.

Stephan Hess, Head of Charging for the project at Porsche, told CAR that software and switches have worked around the need for a high-voltage booster like the one found in the Taycan, making the electric Macan more efficient.

Macan EV

"We use 'bank' charging on the Macan. It uses software and some high-voltage switches in the battery to switch the battery in half, so it looks like a 400-volt battery to the charger and we get more efficient charging without the booster."

Electric Porsche Macan: Range and performance

Porsche have simplified things with one battery size across the range, at 100kWh, using 12 modules made up of prismatic cells - each of which are enclosed in rigid, rectangular casings allowing for high density.

Every electric Macan will be all-wheel drive from launch, too, with a motor on each axel. The top end Turbo models will use more powerful rear motor and are set to produce 7380lb ft of torque - more than enough to shove along the 2100-2200kg car at pace with a 0-60mph, 0-100km/h time below four seconds.


Even the entry-level Macan E will provide more than 430bhp from its four motors - and some 240kW of regen is possible.

- Macan E 430bhp
- Macan 4S 500bhp
- Macan Turbo 600bhp+

Handling-wise, there's a 48/52 rear weight distribution and air suspension which can raise or lower by up to 4cm. Rear-wheel steering on the top models will also reduce its turning circle.

Range will hit up to 400 miles

The new electric Macan's interior and technology

The Taycan is clearly the inspiration inside. Curved instruments, a prominent centre console and screens across the dash, including one in front of the passenger if specced.

Those screens are Android-powered with plenty of processing power to enable features like augmented reality head-up displays and its driver assistance tech.


There's also 10 years of support and updates, meaning the Macan will be able to plan bleeding-edge optimal routes and find the latest charger installations for a decade.

The new electric Porsche Macan's release date and price

The full reveal is coming very soon, with a launch rumoured around the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Barcelona in January 2024 but that's not confirmed.

Prices are slated and rumoured to range from £74,000 to approaching £90,000 for the Turbo in the UK, although, again, these prices are whispers as it stands and are likely to differ - especially across territories.