Frijns: 'We had an opportunity and grabbed it'

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Frijns: 'We had an opportunity and grabbed it'

Robin Frijns flew to Julius Baer Pole Position in the first wet competitive session of the GEN3 era in Berlin. Not only that, but ABT CUPRA doubled up and locked out the front-row in a big shock, with Nico Mueller following in second spot.

ABT celebrate Berlin pole

It's been a tough season so far for the team, with both drivers the only ones yet to score in Season 9. The weather suited the ABT cars, though, and Frijns capitalised - much to his and the team's delight.

"I didn’t expect this after yesterday, we had a difficult day and to come back like this with two cars on the front row, I just have to say thank you to the team," says Frijns. "The guys have done such a good job and it's a nice reward for their hard work. The weather and the wet helped, obviously, but I did a good lap and I’m very happy.

"It’s good to come back like this. Sao Paulo was a bit of a struggle but now I feel again what I was missing there. We have a lot of CUPRA guys here – some 1,500 people here supporting us. We haven’t scored points yet in the races and we’ve done it in qualifying, so let’s see! The more rain the better!"

Frijns pole

The Dutchman hasn't always been at home on the water, having been forced into practice by his team owner when he was in karting. He's got his old team boss to thank, then, for his wet drives ever since.

"I was basically born on the water!" adds Frijns. "The car was working really nicely and you could clearly see that with both of us up front. Circumstances change and we had a bit of a disappointment yesterday but now we had an opportunity and took it with both hands.

"I spent two winters driving karts in the wet when I was younger and I was really bad. So, the team owner said I had to drive every weekend to get better. The next season, when I was like 11 years old, I won the first wet race right away and since then, it’s gone pretty well."

Mueller: 'A tough time but we're together'

Mueller echoed his teammates thoughts, with the lockout coming as reward for the hard work ABT have put in this season, since their Formula E return. The team are one of the most successful in Formula E, and know their way around world class electric motorsport. If the weather favours the squad on home soil, he's hoping they'll be there to capitalise.

"It’s been very tough for everybody involved but we stick together and our team spirit is still going even in these tough times," says Mueller. "To repay the whole team for their huge efforts in their home race with a good qualifying session. The big job still lies ahead of us but it’s been a very positive start for us and it relieved a lot of pressure. I’m super happy for Robin, as well.

"It depends on the weather. If it’s fully dry with the package we have, it’ll be tough. The competition out there is just a bit stronger, especially when it comes to efficiency at the moment and going through the races as quickly as possible. We’ll see if the rain stays then maybe we get away with a  good race today and whatever, we will try our best to try and salvage something."

Mueller says the cars take full focus to drive in the wet with the instant power and torque on offer. 

"The cars are a handful in the wet, it’s pretty exciting. To put the power on the ground is very difficult with a lot of wheelspin and you’re always fighting the rear, especially on the exit of corners. Braking is tricky, too. The tracks aren’t nice and smooth and they’re generally pretty low grip as you’re not racing on a permanent circuit.

"Then also, there’s the rain and intensity changing from one lap to another in the Duels. When you’ve not been circulating for a few laps and you don’t know where there’s water – you have to adapt constantly."