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Introducing Formula E: High Voltage

Introducing Formula E: High Voltage

You are the Team Principal. Make strategic decisions on how to develop your own Formula E team and manage it to compete in a series of all-electric racing events. Play. Earn. Upgrade. Create. in Formula E's blockchain racing management game.

Formula E: High Voltage, developed and published by Animoca Brands, is a blockchain racing management game that lets you take on the role of Team Principal for a Formula E team, making strategic decisions to critically affect the outcome of your championship journey.

Game assets such as cars in Formula E: High Voltage are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) so, players can enjoy true digital property rights over their game assets and a play-to-earn experience when the game launches in Q4 2021.

Build and develop your own Formula E team

You are the Team Principal, making strategic decisions on how to develop your own Formula E team and manage it to compete in a series of all-electric racing events.


Play. Earn. Upgrade. Create

Play-to-Earn: generate earnings based on your performance as you play the game. Enhance your team and its assets to peak efficiency, allowing you to earn more. The more you play, the more options you have to advance.

Skill System

Top-tier Car and Driver NFTs including Epic, Legendary and Apex tiers, come with a powerful in-game ability called a "Skill" - such as enhanced acceleration via a 10-second boost.

Skills expand the strategic element of gameplay and offer additional value and utility players' NFTs.

ATTACK MODE and energy management

ATTACK MODE and Energy Management are key to success in every E-Prix, and each Formula E: High Voltage Team Principal must take them into account when preparing their strategy. ATTACK MODE offers up an extra 35 kW of power, allowing you to race harder and faster; energy management is required to optimise the performance of your car’s battery in the balance between all-out attack and going the distance.

Own, sell and trade your NFTs

Every car, driver, and item in Formula E: High Voltage is an NFT, meaning that you fully own those game assets and can use them (or sell them) however you like.


Formula E: High Voltage’s first NFT sale

From August 26, players can bid for the very first 24 Formula E car NFTs to be made available for Formula E: High Voltage!

You could be the owner of one of the 24 unique Formula E digital Gen2 race cars from Season 7. These cars are all Legendary tier, First Edition, and have the Chassis Number 1.

The NFTs are beautifully designed renditions of Formula E race cars. Players truly own these NFTs and can freely trade them on the market.

Each car will be usable in Formula E: High Voltage. The Legendary tier is the scarcest, after the ultra-rare Apex tier, and is followed by Epic, Rare, and Common.

With a Legendary Formula E race car, players will be able to will be able to compete in the top tier tournaments of the game, with the opportunity to win the rarest and most valuable items and prizes – maximising your ability to play-to-earn.

There will be 24 unique auctions for each of the 24 cars in this event and it will be held on Featured by Binance, an NFT marketplace running on the low-carbon impact Binance Smart Chain, starting on 26 August at 5:00 PM (UTC +1).

Bidding will be conducted in Binance Coin (BNB), so if you want to own a Legendary tier, First Edition, Chassis Number 1 Formula E supercar NFT, make sure you have some BNB ready before the sale starts!