Da Costa: 'We got a kicking last season, and we do not like that'

Da Costa: 'We got a kicking last season, and we do not like that'

With three Drivers’ crowns and two Teams’ titles to its name, DS TECHEETAH is one of the most successful teams in Formula E history, but with a difficult last season finishing third in the Teams’ World Championship by just one point, drivers Antonio Felix Da Costa and Jean-Eric Vergne return for Season 8 and are hoping to get back to the top of the pack, starting in Diriyah this Friday.

“We did get our asses kicked last year and we do not like that," said da Costa. "There's been a lot of work in the background to make sure we can come back swinging and go back to winning, or at least making life very, very hard for everyone around us.”

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The 30-year-old Portuguese isn't happy just taking part, he’s out there to win and anything less - as for any champion sportsman - is ultimately not good enough.

“I hate to just participate, I hate to be one more, I've done that for way too long in the beginning of my Formula E campaign, where I never had the tools to fight for wins and championships. Once you get there, it's addictive, you don't want to go back. But I think losing is a great thing if you take it in the right way - it builds motivation and hungriness to come back.”


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Looking ahead to the season opener in Diriyah this Friday and Saturday, da Costa feels confident he can get start their campaign with a top result.

“I was the first winner in Diriyah in Season 5 and I've got great memories on that track. I feel really good there, so I think it's a great place for us to start and kick off the season. We normally have a really good car there, so I'm looking forward to going back. I think it's going to be super important this year to start with a win. We know how to win championships, we know how to win races and I'm sure I’ve got the right guys behind me in the in the garage to help me do that.”

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His teammate, French two-time Formula E Champion, Jean-Eric Vergne is also feeling positive and optimistic - ready to fight, as ever.

“I've been doing a lot of changes within my team and within myself to improve, and I've been working a lot with the team and I feel stronger than ever this year," says Vergne.

“It’s going to be extremely close as always, but the difference will be made on tiny details, so it’s important that we work on those details. To just try and win the championship is not going to be enough. We don't know, maybe another team is going to have a much better car and we won't be able to fight, but I'm never going to give up this season.”