GEN3 FACTS: Performance x Efficiency x Sustainability

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GEN3 FACTS: Performance x Efficiency x Sustainability

GEN3 FACTS: Performance x Efficiency x Sustainability

With the new Gen3 now fully unveiled and primed for its debut in Season 9, the next evolution for the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship sees an all-electric racer that is the intersection of performance, efficiency and sustainability.

Here are the key facts and figures behind Formula E's generational leap:


  • Fastest Formula E car yet with a top speed over 322 kph / 200 mph
  • Most efficient formula racing car ever with more than 40% of the energy used within a race produced by regenerative braking
  • Around 95% power efficiency from an electric motor delivering up to 350kW of power (470BHP), compared to approximately 40% for an internal combustion engine
  • First-ever formula car with both front and rear powertrains. A new front powertrain adds 250kW to the 350kW at the rear, more than doubling the regenerative capability of the current Gen2 to a total of 600kW
  • Ultra-high speed charging capability of 600kW for additional energy during a race, almost double the power of the most advanced commercial chargers in the world
  • The first formula car that will not feature rear hydraulic brakes with the addition of the front powertrain and its regenerative capability


  • Gen3 batteries are among the most advanced, sustainable batteries ever made consisting of sustainably-sourced minerals while battery cells will be reused and recycled at end of life
  • Linen and recycled carbon fibre will be used in bodywork construction for the first time in a formula car featuring recycled carbon fibre from retired Gen2 cars and reducing the overall amount of virgin carbon fibre used. This will reduce the carbon footprint of the production of the Gen3 bodywork more than 10%. All waste carbon fibre will be reused for new applications through adoption of an innovative process from the aviation industry
  • Natural rubber and recycled fibres will make up 26% of new Gen3 tyres and all tyres will be fully recycled after racing
  • The carbon footprint of the Gen3 has been measured from the design phase to inform all reduction measures taken to reduce environmental impact, while all unavoidable emissions will be offset as part of Formula E’s net zero carbon commitment
  • All Gen3 suppliers will operate in line with top international standards to reduce environmental impacts of manufacturing (ISO 14001) and be FIA Environmental Accreditation 3-Star rated

  Gen2 Gen3
Overall length 5200mm 5016.2mm
Overall height 1063.5mm 1023.4mm
Overall width 1800mm 1700mm
Wheelbase 3100mm 2970.5mm
Minimum weight (incl. driver) 900kg 840kg
Maximum power 250kW (335bhp) 350kW (470bhp)
Maximum regeneration 250kW 600kW
Energy recovery Approx 25% Over 40%
Top speed 280kmh / 174mph 320kmh / 200mph
Powertrain Rear only Front & rear