18 Jun 21

TRACK GUIDE: Nicki Shields' walkthrough of the new track for Formula E's return to Mexico

The ABB FIA Formula E World Championship is back in the vibrant heart of Mexico, but this time in the new location of Puebla and the Autodromo Miguel E.Abed. Join Nicki Shields as she guides you through a lap of this unique circuit.

Puebla E-Prix

Puebla joined the Season 7 calendar as the 24th city to host a Formula E race with Mexico also becoming the fourth country to have a race in two or more different cities. 

For Rounds 8 & 9, the drivers will face uncharted territory with the Autodromo Miguel E.Abed, the circuit is usually home to national stock car racing and last held an international FIA race in  2009. It's a completely new challenge for Formula E's 24 world-class drivers, experienced as they all are, none have raced on this permanent race track.

With an infield section surrounded by an oval and a variety of track configurations to play with, Formula E has adapted the circuit with a string of 15 corners for a 2.98km lap. For Puebla, the ATTACK MODE activation zone will come in the form of an extension to Turn 8, with Formula E's version of a 'Joker lap' adding a curveball for the teams when they dive for that extra 35kW boost.

There'll be banking to deal with, too, as the circuit rounds the outer oval through the final Turn 15, with a slingshot out onto the long back straight likely to be crucial as the tight right hander into Turn 1 will prove a hotspot for overtaking.

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