UPDATE: Wehrlein demoted to fourth following FANBOOST infraction

TAG Heuer Porsche's Pascal Wehrlein has been hit with a five-second time penalty after the German was found to have used FANBOOST improperly during the CBMM Niobium Puebla E-Prix Round 9.

TAG Heuer Porsche’s Pascal Wehrlein had secured a second-placed finish on-track in the CBMM Niobium Puebla E-Prix Round 9 but was later penalised by the addition of five seconds to his race time for improper use of FANBOOST – this after being disqualified having crossed the line first in Round 8 from Puebla on Saturday.

This leaves the Porsche driver fourth in the classification, and promotes Nick Cassidy (Envision Virgin Racing) from third to second, and Oliver Rowland (Nissan e.dams) onto the final step of the podium.