Formula E marks long-standing relationship with cancer charity Con Ganas de Vivir in Puebla

The ABB FIA Formula E World Championship and Mexican cancer charity Con Ganas de Vivir have a relationship stretching back to the very first E-Prix in the country back in Season 2. At the inaugural Puebla E-Prix, Formula E highlighted their invaluable work with the latest #PositivelyCharged Grid Moment ahead of the weekend's racing. 

Formula E generates a long lasting, positive legacy in each of its host cities as one of the pillars of the championship’s Sustainability Programme, ensuring the series is a powerful force for accelerating change, both on and off-track.

Formula E: #PositivelyCharged

Throughout Season 7, the championship is celebrating and reflecting on these important connections with #PositivelyCharged moments on the grid ahead of each race event. Formula E’s #PositivelyCharged spirit, as part of FIA's #PurposeDriven movement, is committed to accelerating sustainable human progress through the power of electric racing.

The championship works with hosts on years-long community engagement programmes, engaging with those living in and around our host cities in order to better understand their needs and expectations – making sure the championship builds meaningful, inclusive projects that benefit those communities and spread the series’ sustainability message far and wide.

Grid Moment CGDV Puebla Formula E

Con Ganas de Vivir

In Mexico, Formula E has worked with charity Con Ganas de Vivir, which supports children and families of lower income cancer patients, since Season 2. Con Ganas de Vivir holds the ambition of improving cancer care in Mexico, giving patients a better chance in treating and living with the disease.

Over the Puebla E-Prix event, Formula E, alongside its teams and partners, stepped in to ensure the charity has a prominent presence to highlight their good work in the Allianz e-Village. The community combined to provide donations towards a new patient development centre, tickets to the Virtual Boss Emotion Club, grandstand tickets to Rounds 8 & 9 this weekend and some surprise phone calls to patients from BMW i Andretti Motorsport and DS TECHEETAH’s star drivers.

"We have the wonderful opportunity to work with Formula E to help meet our goals," said Alfonso B. Aguilar Mercado, Director General, Con Ganas de Vivir A.C. "We all want to work together to create a more sustainable world with less pollution, and with that, we can reduce cancer risks and improve quality of life – all while reaching the goals of sustainability and environmental protection for the people of Mexico.

"We’ve worked together for six years, in many ways – giving patients and their children the chance to experience something great. We’re raising awareness of our work developing new forms of treatment for patients and the efforts we’re going to in developing new abilities for our team. We’ve met with drivers, teams and staff at the event to talk about sustainability and how we need to make a commitment to it in our society to help Mexico go clean and reduce the risk and impact of cancer.

"The work with Formula E has given us the funds and support to spend on our centres, community tools, specialized care equipment like wheelchairs or beds for better patient care and to help those in pain. We have also been able to develop means of delivering in the pandemic across 126 hospitals in 78 cities and to about 40,000 patients a year.

"Formula E has also provided us with a voice across social media via its platforms and partners – they have all given us the time and support, as well as a presence around the world through the series’ fans worldwide. They can all reach us, and learn about us – and how we can work together to achieve our goals and this partnership has helped us communicate.

"In addition, we’ve been able to deliver goodie bags and toys from Formula E to our patients and to those facing poverty – as well as thousands of food boxes from the event to local towns."