08 Jul 21

The ABB New York City E-Prix: Driving e-mobility in ABB’s largest market

Global technology leader, ABB, has strengthened its long-standing commitment to the FIA Formula E World Championship by becoming race title partner for the first time – a move which aligns perfectly with ABB’s presence in the US and goal to drive progress in e-mobility in the country.

Theodor Swedjemark, ABB’s Chief Communications and Sustainability Officer, said: “The U.S. is ABB’s larg-est market, where we have 21,000 employees across all 50 states. 

"ABB has significantly expanded the company’s US footprint since 2010 by investing more than $14 billion in plant expansions, greenfield development, and acquisitions to accelerate the adoption of e-mobility and electrification. 

"Our involvement in the ABB New York City E-Prix is more than a race, it is an opportunity to test and develop e-technologies that will accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy, create well-paying American jobs, spur innovation, and mitigate the impacts of climate change.”

ABB has been a leader in e-mobility for more than a decade and this has been particularly visible within the US, where it partners with vehicle OEMs, charging network operators and power utilities to advance interoperability and accelerate deployment of EVs across all types of vehicles.

Bob Stojanovic, Director Electric Vehicle Infrastructure North America, ABB, said: “ABB is fully committed to the future of e-mobility in the US with a proactive product roadmap, strong partnerships across the industry and a corporate ethos of sustainability. We’re at work now on developing megawatt-scale charging solutions for heavy vehicles, ensuring open standards to promote interoperability, and future-proofing technologies to meet every mobility application.”

Over the past ten years, ABB has deployed more than 3,000 DC fast-chargers in the US and provided transit and fleet charging systems to several US cities including Portland, Los Angeles, and St Louis. The company has also led the EV infrastructure in a series of firsts in the US, including the nation’s first public CCS charger (2013), the first 150 KW charger (2017) and the first 350 kW charger using liquid-cooled cable technology, the Terra HP (2018).

In addition to the chargers themselves, ABB provides holistic solutions for e-mobility including complete site electrification which can include integrated battery energy storage, energy- and load-management or grid services using bi-directional charging. All of ABB’s e-mobility charging solutions are cloud connected and enable smart connectivity and remote services for better uptime and availability, which is paramount for net-work and fleet managers.

It’s not just on the road that ABB is furthering the electrification of transport. ABB powers the Maid of the Mist – the first all-electric ferry in the US which enables visitors to experience Niagara Falls emission-free and undisturbed by engine noise, vibration or exhaust fumes from a conventional diesel engine.

ABB is the title partner in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, an international racing series for fully electric single-seater race cars. Its technology supports the events at city-street tracks around the globe. ABB entered the e-mobility market back in 2010, and today has sold more than 400,000 electric vehicle chargers across more than 85 markets; more than 20,000 DC fast chargers and 380,000 AC chargers, including those sold through Chargedot.

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