23 Feb 21

FANBOOST is open! Vote now to give your favourite driver an extra jolt of power in Diriyah

Formula E is the only event in the world that lets fans play an active role in influencing the outcome of the race. FANBOOST gives fans the opportunity to hand their driver an extra boost of performance. Have your say and vote now.

The five drivers who receive FANBOOST are awarded a significant burst of power – enough to make the difference around a tight, technical Formula E street circuit amongst an ultra-competitive field.

YOUR VOTE COUNTS! Give your favourite driver a power-boost with FANBOOST

Drivers can push the button on their FANBOOST surge whenever they choose during the second half of the race, giving them a five-second power boost to defend their ground or make that vital pass stick.

You can vote in the six days prior to, and up to 15 minutes into each race, once per day on each eligible platform – via the Formula E app and the FANBOOST website.


As it stands

Mercedes-EQ driver Stoffel Vandoorne is no stranger to the top of the FANBOOST leaderboard and that extra 100kJ burst of energy. The Belgian leads the way heading into the Diriyah season opener with almost 20 per cent of the vote.

There's time for all that to change, though, so make sure you have your say. FANBOOST for Round 1 is now open until 15 minutes into the race, while voting for Round 2 opens at 19:30 GMT on Friday February 26.

To give your favourite driver an extra boost of power, visit FANBOOST and the Formula E app.

FANBOOST explained!

Have your say in the outcome of every E-Prix by giving your favourite driver an extra jolt of power with FANBOOST!