Talent Call winner Derin Adetosoye meets Formula E CEO Jamie Reigle to chat Change. Accelerated.

Ahead of the season opener in Diriyah, CEO Jamie Reigle and Talent Call winner Derin Adetosoye sat down together over zoom to cover all things Change. Accelerated., Formula E’s continued commitment to drive better futures and the power of sport as a force for good.

  • What does Change Accelerated mean to you personally? 

I believe we all have a duty to play an active role in promoting positive change. I’m fortunate, through my role at Formula E, to be able to advocate for change through sport, a powerful medium that galvanises and unites people.

I’ve always believed in the power of sport as a force for good. I’m also fascinated by how businesses grow, develop and can shape the world we live in. That’s why I was so excited to be offered the opportunity to lead the team at Formula E. Formula E’s vision to accelerate sustainable human progress through the power of electric racing allows us to innovate and drive change forward as pioneers. If we can harness the support of our partners and our fans on that journey, then we will be unstoppable. That, for me, is Change. Accelerated.

  • In a nutshell, how would you explain Change Accelerated to someone that doesn’t know anything about Formula E and why is it something they should be excited about?

Change. Accelerated. is a movement. It’s a rallying cry for others to join us on our mission to race for better futures. It’s rare that a sport is founded with a purpose bigger than itself, but Formula E is just that. A sport of the future, Formula E was created to counteract climate change, to have a voice and use it to fight the biggest global crisis facing humankind.

Everyone at Formula E is united by what we call a positively charged spirit.We are determined to make a difference through the work we do each day. From creating opportunities for under-represented groups in our sport through competitions like the Talent Call, or by creating the ultimate proving ground for race-to-road electric vehicle technology, we’re in a race against time, but together we can accelerate change. In your words, Derin: “We need to be the future we want to see.”

  • With Formula E already being a net zero carbon sport and having such a positive impact as a leader within the sustainability industry, what encouraged you to go the extra mile and launch Change Accelerated?

We can always do more and Formula E prides itself on continually and relentlessly setting new standards. We’re proud to be the only sport in history certified net zero carbon from inception, but that is only one major milestone in our fight to counteract climate change. We consider the triple bottom line in everything we do – our economic, social and environmental impact.

Of course, we celebrate our successes but there’s a hunger, restlessness and energy at Formula E, you could say an electricity, that runs through the team. We’re always looking at what we can do next and how to do it better, smarter, faster. Our Change. Accelerated. campaign is an open invitation. We can’t do it alone. We welcome anyone who wants to join us in accelerating change as we race for better futures.

  • How is the ethos of Change. Accelerated. demonstrated internally at Formula E? 

My greatest fortune in my role is having the opportunity to lead such an innovative, passionate and determined group of people who person for person align behind a common vision and mission. A number of the team have been with the company since before our first ever race. That level of dedication comes because of Formula E’s purpose and the culture that has been created to deliver it.

Our company values are ¡Vamos!, Electricity, Bravery, Humanity and Impact. To me that says it all. We live by those values every day and if anyone finds an obstacle in front of them, which we all do at times, especially moving at such a pace, we are there as a team to keep each other safe and on track.

  • I think the very fact that I’m able to sit here interviewing you as the winner of the Open Talent Call for Presenters - an initiative to search for a new, young, diverse voice, really speaks volumes about Formula E’s commitment to drive change in sport. How important is nurturing a culture of inclusivity, specifically by creating better futures for the next generation as a leader in sport and father of two young children?

It isn’t a choice, it’s a responsibility. We are a world of equals and need to celebrate each individual for their individuality. In the open letter we published last summer we stated that we are “united against discrimination in any form” and “nurture a culture of inclusivity in all its forms.” I stand by that.

If we want to shape the future of sport and make Formula E a destination that next generation sports fans gravitate to, then we have to be open and inclusive in our approach to everything we do. Inclusivity also breeds greater creativity, innovative thinking and, therefore, better results and more meaningful impact.

Talent Call improved access for emerging talent, allowing us to connect with new audiences and understand what matters to them. We’re also delighted to have you as part of the team thanks to the competition and to see the incredibly positive impact you have as a role model.

  • How can we, as individuals, adopt the approach of Change Accelerated to make a positive environmental impact in our personal lives? (i.e. facts like giving up meat once a week, etc.)

There are many ways we can each make a difference. Each person who works at Formula E makes a difference by lending their considerable energy to our mission. We can all spread the word, use our voices, our platforms, and the channels available to us to increase awareness. And, of course, we can use electric vehicles.

Record electric vehicle sales were set in 2020, with deliveries exceeding the most optimistic forecasts. We need to maintain and build on that momentum. The rate at which electric vehicle technology is evolving is remarkable to watch. We have more automotive manufacturers on our grid that any motorsport at one time in history and the impact of Formula E can be directly traced in their product innovation.

  • What can fans expect to see in Season 7 as a demonstration of this exciting new brand campaign? 

There’ll be new content ahead of every E-Prix and much more besides, but for now we need to maintain the suspense…

  • In only seven years, Formula E has become an FIA World Championship as well a leader within the sustainability industry. What are your hope and aspirations for the future of Formula E? 

We want to keep innovating on and off the track, to create a sport of the future that evolves with and for the fans, continuing to fuse the real and virtual worlds as we shape the future of mobility by stretching the targets of electric vehicles manufacturers and together accelerate change.

The 2021 DHL Valencia E-Prix