09 Sep 20

Concept to reality: The stories behind the latest EVs from the Formula E stable

On World EV Day, we're taking a look at how the ABB FIA Formula E Championship's stable of leading manufacturers is driving EV innovation forward, as we chart the design and thought process behind some of the halo electric vehicles on the market today. 

The ABB FIA Formula E Championship provides a test-bed - an Apollo program-like breeding ground - for the world's leading automotive manufacturers to develop their electric vehicle platforms to make them more intelligent and go further on every charge, through sporting competition of the highest level.

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With FIA World Championship status from 2021, the allure is greater than ever for Formula E's teams and drivers looking to outdo one-another on-track, feeding those learnings back into their offerings on the road, and driving the race for cleaner air, lower emissions and a more sustainable future forward at warp speed.

Take a look at how Audi, Jaguar, Nissan, BMW and Porsche are changing the EV game.

How Formula E, its teams and its partners marked #WorldEVDay | #PositivelyCharged