Antonio Felix da Costa on #WorldOceansDay: 'Change is not impossible'

Oceans cover 70 per cent of our planet's surface and we rely heavily upon them and the ecosystems they support for our survival. Our impact, through issues such as plastic and other pollution as well as overfishing, is placing serious pressure upon biomes and degrading the health of our oceans at a rapid pace.

DS Techeetah's Lisbon-born driver Antonio Felix da Costa is a keen surfer and dedicates much of his spare time to his passion. On World Oceans Day, he is eager to highlight the importance of our oceans and feels that change is possible.

"Surfing has been part of my life for the last few years," said the Portuguese. "Once you’ve started you just get so addicted and it’s hard to stop.

"It’s so different to racing but there are some basics which are very similar in your mindset, the way you attack the waves, the way you put the force on the board, just like when you go super-fast into the corners.

"The ocean, for me, is such an important part of my mental health and my happiness. Lockdown has highlighted how much and how badly we were polluting the world.

"It’s not like change is impossible. If we all do our part and all do a little bit, hopefully we’ll create a much better place for all of us and future generations."

Antonio Felix da Costa on his passion for the world's oceans.