17 Jan 20

TRACK PREVIEW: Why the 2020 Antofagasta Minerals Santiago E-Prix promises to be even more spectacular

Last season's Antofagasta Minerals Santiago E-Prix was action-packed and a true race of attrition as scorching temperatures caused chaos for the Formula E pack. For 2020 the new and improved circuit promises even greater thrills, faster lap times and more overtaking opportunities. Get ready for another epic showdown in Santiago on January 18. Here's all you need to know about the new Parque O'Higgins Circuit.

Following the removal of the chicane between turns seven and eight, the pack can expect greater speeds as the flow on the long curve towards turn nine.

The circuit is also less winding and shorter than last season, with 11 turns as opposed to 14 and a full lap now measuring at 2.2km.  

Drivers will experience a revised start to each lap around Parque O'Higgins, as the first corner from the start/finish straight now leads into a left-hander before a near-90-degree bend, which should open the door for more passing opportunities.

While drivers must still negotiate two hairpins towards the end of each lap, these now run the opposite way, making this section a little more challenging. 

With track temperatures of up to 46°C in 2019, the force on the asphalt caused by the hot weather conditions last year posed an additional challenge for teams as the surface became increasingly complex. New heat-resistant asphalt between turns two and eight is designed to reduce this problem.

But, with temperatures of 35°C predicted this year, drivers and teams should be prepared for increased tyre wear. All 24 drivers will endure some of the most physically challenging conditions this season as they contend with the blistering heat and wheel-to-wheel racing. Get set for another scorcher in Santiago - catch all the action live

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