Nissan: 'Energy management is the name of this game' in Mexico City

After a disastrous race here in Mexico City last season where both Nissans ran clean out of energy before the end of the race, Nissan Global Motorsport Director Michael Carcamo stresses the importance of a solid energy management strategy here in Mexico City. 

For the Nissan e.dams squad, the legendary Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez in Mexico City brings back terrible memories after both Sebastian Buemi and Oliver Rowland were left limping home, depleted of all energy on the last lap of the race.  

"It's literally the most heartbreaking thing that can happen to you in the last lap of the race," said Nissan Global Director of Motorsport Michael Carcamo. With both drivers finishing firmly at the back of the pack, the race in Mexico last season was one the motorsport boss would rather forget.   

"But a good team focuses on what went wrong and what they can do better. From the next race on, you could see the results [of that]," he added. After the Mexican disaster, Nissan's performance and championship hopes improved radically. Just missing out on a podium finish in the teams' championship, it was the manufacturer team's frontman Sebastian Buemi who made the most miraculous recovery, finishing second in the driver's title fight behind champion Jean-Eric Vergne.  

"The issue of energy management is the name of this game - that is the fine line we are treading...that's what it takes to win this race and there is always going to be a margin of racing error that you can't account for and that's what makes winners and losers," said the team boss, just hours before embarking on their second attempt at the Mexico City circuit. 

"In our case last year, the miscalculation around the red flag - which was a very unique situation - we hadn't anticipated that. But for every event, it's the same - you plan and you execute and then you analyse what actually happened. 

"The closer you get to your estimation - between your simulation and your actual - then the closer you are to get to that 0.0 energy per cent when you get to the line...if you finish with 0.1 per cent, then you haven't done your job. 

With the new track layout set to be even more testing on the teams' and drivers' ability to manage energy, expect much more action in the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez on Saturday February 15. "I'm very excited for it," said e.dams driver Oliver Rowland. "We're going to see a lot of drivers having fun around here...but if you get it wrong, you're going to be in the wall," said the British driver with a wry smile.