2017/18 Season Sustainability: Celebrating our best season yet

12 races, 10 cities, five continents, one UNEP Ambassador and one mighty fine certification - looking back at a record year for the ABB FIA Formula E Championship.

The 2017/18 season of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship certainly wasn't short of achievements. Between the start of the season in December 2017 and the grand finale in July 2018, we held 12 races in ten cities over five continents, launched a new Gen2 car, witnessed countless spins and saves, seen dreams made and championship hopes smashed to pieces, crowned a champion, raced a Cheetah and, best of all, we became the first motorsport series on the planet to clinch the highest award in sustainable events - the ISO 20121 certification.

a Generation 2 Formula E racing car drives past green bushes - Formula E sustainability

2017/18 Season Report

Looking back at one of the best Formula E seasons yet, we've put together a report detailing the progress we made towards a more sustainable future. Here's a taste of what's inside: 
  • Clinching the ISO20121 certification for the entire Championship, and being the first ever motorsport series to receive this
  • Strengthened partnership with UNEP to advance our shared interest in improving air quality to protect both the environment and human health
  • Progress being made against our ISO20121 objectives: Measuring and monitoring our impacts through our lifecycle assessment, collaborating with our supply chain partners on our common sustainability goals, engaging with our local communities at each of our race locations
  • We aligned our progress with the Sustainable Development Goals to show our contribution to achieving a better and more sustainable future for all
  • What to expect from Season 5: Gen2 car, reduced single-use plastic, battery recycling