18 Jun 19

Event guide: welcome to the 2019 Julius Baer Swiss E-Prix

For the final round of the voestalpine European races, see all 22 Gen2 cars and drivers rip around the charming streets of Switzerland's capital. With just two races left of the Championship, it's make or break in Bern.



09:00 – Allianz E-Village opens

The gates to the Grandstands and Allianz E-Village - Formula E’s fan festival at the heart of the E-Prix - open at 09:00. Home to the drivers' autograph session, food stalls, interactive displays, activities for fans of all ages, and the chance to drive the track on our simulators in the Gaming Arena.

10:00 - Tiziana Gulino LIVE, The Stage

See Tiziana Gulino perform live in the heart of Bern at the 2019 Julius Baer Swiss E-Prix. 

10:30 - DJ Monica Babilon, The Stage 

Here's your chance to see DJ Monica Babilon perform live on the Stage ahead of the race. 

11:20 - Formula E Practice 

For those keen on getting in on every minute of racing action, the Practice session starts at 11:20. Here the drivers will have the chance to drive the track under timed conditions, giving us an insight into how they'll perform during the race. Despite the timings, they don't count towards the race result - it's just a free practice session. Here, the drivers can make use of the full 250kW of the car's power.

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11:50 - Blues Brothers LIVE, The Stage

See the Blues Brothers perform live in the heart of Bern at the 2019 Julius Baer Swiss E-Prix.

12:20 - Chaos LIVE, The Stage 

Here's your chance to see Chaos perform live on the Stage ahead of the race. 

12:40 - Mercedes EQC, Track 

See the brand new, all-electric Mercedes EQC take to the track in Bern ahead of the race.

13:10 - Charlien LIVE, The Stage

See Charlien perform live in the heart of Bern.

13:30 - Formula E Qualifying & Super Pole 

Qualifying determines the starting grid for the race, with the fastest driver lining-up in first place. The session lasts one hour and sees drivers divided into groups, decided by a lottery conducted in advance. Each driver has six minutes to set their best time, with the top-six drivers proceeding to the Super Pole shoot-out (see below).

14:30 - Gianina Fabbricatore LIVE, The Stage

See Gianina Fabbricatore perform live after Qualifying and Super Pole at the 2019 Julius Baer Swiss E-Prix 

15:20 - Drivers' Autograph Session, Allianz E-Village

Head over to the Allianz E-Village to meet with the drivers at the Autograph session. From selfies to signing caps, t-shirts and all your Formula E memorabilia.

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15:55 - E-Race Final, Gaming Arena, Allianz E-Village 

Here’s your chance to prove yourself against the drivers as the top three fastest fans take on the real Formula E drivers on simulators in the E-Village. 

16:10 - DJ Monica Babilon LIVE, The Stage 

Here's another chance to see DJ Monica Babilon perform live ahead of the race.

16:55 - Chaos LIVE, The Stage

See Chaos perform live on the Stage ahead of the 2019 Julius Baer Swiss E-Prix.

17:35 - Jesse Ritch, The Stage

Head over to the Stage to see Jesse Ritch perform live ahead of the race. 

18:03 - 2019 Julius Baer Swiss E-Prix, Track

No more testing, no more practice - this is it - when the lights go out, it's just 45minutes plus one final lap to the finish line of pure electric racing. 22 cars and drivers but just one winner - but who will it be?

19:00 - Podium Ceremony, Podium 

That's it, the cars have crossed the line and the top three drivers will take to the podium. Join in the celebrations.

21:00 - Allianz E-Village closes

Live performances - The Stage

Stick around after all the on-track action to see all your favourite artists perform live on the Stage. 

  • DJ Monica Babilon
    19:00 - 19:45
  • Gianina Fabbricatore
    19:45 - 20:00
  • EJ
    20:30 - 21:10
  • Charlien
    21:10 - 21:30
  • Chaos
    21:30 - 22:15
  • Jesse Ritch
    22:15 - 22:40
  • Gianina Fabbricatore
    22:40 - 23:10
  • Blues Brothers
    23:25 - 23:40
  • DJ Monica Babilon
    23:40 - 00:30