Charitable Society of Autism Families form strategic partnership with Formula E

Prince Saud bin Abdul Aziz bin Farhan Al-Saud, chairman of the Charitable Society of Autism Families (SAF) attends ABB FIA Formula E Championship opener in Diriyah with fans to raise awareness of the disorder.

During the double-header season opener in Saudi Arabia, Prince Saud bin Abdul Aziz bin Farhan Al-Saud - chairman of the Charitable Society of Autism Families (SAF) - helped to raise awareness of the disorder by accompanying families of the charity to the event on November 22 and 23. 

“We wanted to utilise Formula E [because] the racing cars used in Formula E are noiseless, which is perfect for people with autism,” said Prince Saud. "These events bring opportunities to raise awareness about their needs in society.”

The event - organised by the Saudi General Sports Authority (GSA), the SAF, Formula E, and volunteers as part of Diriyah Season, saw British drivers Sam Bird (Envision Virgin Racing) and Alexander Sims (BMW i Andretti Motorsport) clinch the first two race wins of the season, with Sims taking the lead in the Championship standings. 

“We are grateful to Prince Abdul Aziz bin Turki (Al-Faisal, GSA chairman) and the GSA for giving us a special opportunity to engage the autistic youth in such an important event, and we are equally thankful to the Formula E leadership and their team who gave us unlimited support to ensure a joyful experience for our youth,” added the prince.

Alongside all the action on track, the series Founder and Chairman Alejandro Agag signed an agreement to build a strategic partnership between the SAF and Formula E. “We are happy to have a positive role in Saudi society through the agreement we have signed with the SAF," said Agag. 

"As well as being a world-class sport organisation, we also have our social responsibility programs that we wish to implement in Saudi Arabia.”

In the wake of the event, both the SAF and Formula E will seek to increase opportunities to expand the role of the motorsport in terms of inclusion and reaching all segments of the Saudi population. With 11 years of experience in helping people with autism and their families, Prince Saud was appointed as chairman of the board in May 2019. Since then, he has been working on several innovative projects to develop the SAF on multiple fronts, such as the agreement with Formula E.   

After the success of the event, the series heads to Santiago for the third round of the Championship on January 18. Join us!