Drivers back Turn 1 changes

The modifications of the first corner of the Formula E layout of the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, have been given the full endorsement of the drivers.

The reprofiling of the first chicane, has made the entry wider and the corner faster and the drivers approve.

“I think it is much better,” said TECHEETAH’s Jean-Erc Vergne. “It’s kind of boring to have chicanes where everybody can cut. I’m a big fan of putting walls everywhere, so this you cannot cut. If you make a mistake, you crash, that’s the game. It’s a straight line, break, turn right, walls everywhere. No cutting. So I think it’s better.”

Lucas di Grassi added: “I think Turn 1 is an improvement from last year, no doubt. The whole track is in a much better condition and completed much better. There are still a lot of improvements that could have been done. Especially on the chicanes, Turn 1 also I don’t like the walls coming into the track. So, although there was a step forward, we need for the next season to do two steps or three steps forward. There is a big, big potential on this track, to make it without chicanes and we should address this.”

The first official practice session takes place at 8am local time tomorrow and will be live streamed on