London ePrix: Circuit guide

Number of laps - 33

Number of turns - 17

Track length - 2.925km

Fastest corner - Turn 1 (145kph)

Longest straight - Pit straight (493m)

Past winners -

Sebastien Buemi, e.dams-Renault

Sam Bird, Virgin Racing

Qualifying record - 1:23:901 - Stephane Sarrazin, Venturi

Lap record - 1:26:790 - Sam Bird, Virgin Racing

Once more, the FIA Formula E Championship will be decided at Battersea Park, situated in the heart of the British capital. Last year’s winner Sam Bird discusses his love for London and the opportunity to stand on the top step of the podium in front of his home fans…

Home sweet home

“London was one of my favourite circuits last year not only because it’s sort of my home city, but also Formula E created a spectacular track with many different corners. It was a great venue, a sublime setting at Battersea Park! The track is quite narrow in areas with some big chicanes and a very fast first corner which is very tricky because of the camber of the road. Obviously we get quite a lot of rain in England and we need a cambered road to drain the water but it makes for interesting handling when negotiating a high-speed left hander, trying to go over the crown of the road and back down the other side. It’s tricky for a single-seater racing car and something that isn’t necessarily normal when you’re negotiating turns on normal tracks.”

Double trouble

“You have to remember that we had two races last year so it’s nothing new now. So at least if you don’t have a good Saturday, you can have some redemption on a Sunday. Or if you have a good Saturday you’re kind of thinking you’re going to have a good Sunday because I’ve got the pace. The only worry is that if you’re slow on Saturday, as it’s like, ‘Oh my god, what am I going to do? We didn’t show any pace, what are we going to do tomorrow?’ but I’m hoping that won’t be the case.”

Champagne celebration

“Last year’s podium was the catalyst to some of the greatest podiums I’ve ever been a part of. I didn’t expect that, I thought it was going to be a more traditional podium in front of a grandstand. When I walked on to that stage I was absolutely amazed, with thousands and thousands of people there standing in front of us. Obviously me being a home winner, I got an extra special welcome and it’s something I will remember forever. I would dearly love to repeat the success from last year - but what we do at Formula E, that started in London last year, is a very special moment for all of us drivers when we get on to that podium. It’s become spectacular and it involves the fans more which is exactly what we want to do and what we have been doing as a series.”