Andretti completes track testing with new powertrain

Andretti has successfully completed the first on track running of its 2016/17 Formula E powertrain.

The team endured a difficult pre-season testing programme ahead of the 2015/16 Formula E season and opted to revert back to season one technology for the final day of testing at Donington Park. The ATEC-02 will be Andretti’s first bespoke Formula E powertrain.

Andretti completed three days of testing at Snetterton, successfully running in both qualifying and race power modes.

Team Principal Roger Griffiths, said: “So far all indications are very good. We have already achieved several hundred kilometres of running in testing and have run at race and qualifying power levels without a problem. All the systems are functioning as to be expected.”

With further powertrain developments allowed in season three and with additional levels of regen permitted, Griffiths confirmed that the powertrain had received a comprehensive update. He said: “We have a new MGU (e-Motor), power invertor, motor housing, gearbox and associated systems as well as a new cooling system. We took the additional regen rules into account when we designed the new powertrain. In fact, if need be it can cope with more than the level required.”