NIO 333 on their 'unique' teammate paring of Ticktum and Sette Camara

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NIO 333 on their 'unique' teammate paring of Ticktum and Sette Camara

In motorsport, your biggest on-track rival is your teammate. They're in the same car, have access to identical resources and are the person you're always compared against. Sometimes this can lead to unease between teammates, but not at NIO 333!


The pairing of Dan Ticktum and Sergio Sette Camara is new for season 9, with Ticktum remaining at the outfit for a second consecutive year and Sette Camara relocating from DRAGON/PENSKE AUTOSPORT to NIO for this new era of Formula E. 

"The thing that stands out the most is how they're working together," Russell O'Hagan, Deputy Team Principal, said when discussing NIO's driver line-up. 

sette camara cape town fp

"You never know, with drivers, how they will cooperate, and the most pleasing thing we've seen this year is how they interact with each other. How honest they are in terms of lines they're taking, bits of the track to avoid and how to maximise the car, which is pretty unique. 

"The team is on a big journey to try and take the next big steps forward. Obviously, the drivers' individual performance is a huge ingredient in that. The fact that they're open with one another and drivers will always push each other by the fact that they're similar in pace. But then for them to share the information to get better has been amazing. 

"There's been times in debrief where I've just sat there smiling to myself thinking, 'okay, this is, this is pretty unique'. That's been really good to two mega drivers, so we're very happy with those guys."

As well as keeping O'Hagan happy, Ticktum and Sette Camara have also impressed Team Principal Alex Hui. 

"Both Dan and Sergio are quite similar in age; they are 23 and 24. For young talent, they have proven to be really quick drivers. We more or less have the best drivers that we can get at the moment because not having a very successful GEN2 era means we're not in a position to attract a championship-winning driver," Hui stated. 

"We know they're both relatively young and inexperienced compared to other drivers, but they have great potential. 

"Dan is very passionate, sometimes too passionate. He could lose his head at some points, but from his last season to this season, he has been maturing and developing himself. You have always got that spark [with Ticktum], but I ask him to make good use of what he has [and channel it]. Inside, people have some characteristics that will always stay with you, but there is always a way to make good use of them in a positively. 

"Sergio is very different. They both drive similarly in terms of driver feedback, luckily. Sergio is very, very hardworking. We want to go with more details, and he's like, "okay, that's it, I will do it'. They're both pushing each other."

NIO are currently eighth in the Team Standings, with Sette Camara delivering the team an impressive fifth place in Hyderabad and Ticktum achieving sixth last time out in Cape Town.