Dieter Gass to join Formula E in technical and sporting role

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Dieter Gass to join Formula E in technical and sporting role

Dieter Gass has joined Formula E in the new role of Senior Technical & Sporting Advisor, reporting to Co-Founder and Chief Championship Officer, Alberto Longo.

dieter gass

Gass has a wealth of knowledge across several motorsport championships and is very familiar with Formula E. In his previous role as Head of Audi Motorsport, Gass was responsible for the German manufacturer's successful entry into the championship, with highlights that included Audi being crowned the teams' champion for the 2017/2018 Formula E season. 
As part of his new role, Gass will play a key role alongside Alberto Longo working in partnership with the FIA on sporting and technical matters to ensure the continued growth and long-term objectives and visions of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship are met. As well as maintaining the high standards of technical development that the FIA and Formula E have upheld since inception, he will also work with the FIA and other stakeholders to maintain and implement a well-defined plan for the future. 
"Together with the FIA we have defined a clear roadmap for the sport," said Jamie Reigle, CEO, Formula E about Gass’ appointment. "But then the question is: how does the technology, the race car and adjacent technologies, like charging, serve the vision for the sport? We needed someone with credibility in there who could really drive that agenda for us in partnership with the FIA and make sure that we're delivering an outstanding product."

dieter gass audi celebration
As the Head of Audi Motorsport, Dieter Gass played a pivotal role in the German marque's success in Formula E

Despite only being five rounds into Season 9 and the GEN3 era, work is already underway for GEN4 of the championship, which is set to be introduced from Season 13.
Having a figure in place who can liaise with the FIA, teams and manufacturers and look at how potential changes could impact the sporting side, the purpose of the championship, and ‘the show’ - as Reigle describes the increasing entertainment values of events beyond the grid – is crucial. 
"You need the timing to be right. Very clearly, as we look to the back end of the decade, we knew we needed someone strong driving that area for Formula E and advising the FIA. We also wanted someone who has had experience working with manufacturers,” continued Reigle. “We also wanted someone who had experience working with Formula E. As you go through the selection process, that level of credibility and expertise becomes even rarer so we're delighted that Dieter Gass is taking on this challenge."

"We're really excited to be able to bring on someone of Dieter's calibre."

Jamie Reigle, Formula E CEO

As well as working with Formula E over several seasons, Gass also has a tremendous amount of experience working in endurance racing and Formula 1. Gass worked with Toyota F1 from 2001 before changing teams and operating at Lotus as their Sporting Director for the 2010 season. 
"I remember first engaging with Dieter when he was with Audi. Obviously, he's someone with an enormous amount of experience in motorsport, working for a number of manufacturers. He was involved in the Toyota Formula 1 programme, different endurance projects, and then, of course, Formula E. From a pure pedigree perspective, the experience he's had, in terms of developing winning race teams and shepherding the technical projects that attach to those, we're really excited to be able to bring on someone of his calibre."
Helping nurture and blossom the next stages of the championship, Gass will be a valuable asset as Formula E continues to go from strength to strength. 
"This is our commitment to make sure that we put the best championship out there," Reigle summarises. "It's also our recognition that, as we mature as a championship, we need to have the very best people within Formula E. Whether it's media distribution, marketing, communications, championship operations, etc. we've invested a lot to strengthen the team and recruit industry leaders from their field. 
"This is clearly an area where we felt we could really strengthen and appoint someone who can work closely with Alberto and the FIA on the day-to-day operating the championship on the technical and sporting side, and really level us up. Dieter is our guy and we’re delighted to welcome him to Formula E.”