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Clean Air Day: How Formula E and Global Action Plan are driving the race for clean air forwards

Clean Air Day: How Formula E and Global Action Plan are driving the race for clean air forwards

It's Clean Air Day, led by Global Action Plan - a sustainability partner of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship - and the perfect opportunity for us to show you how Formula E is driving the race for cleaner air forwards.

Led by Global Action Plan - a sustainability partner of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship - Clean Air Day aims to bring together communities, business, schools and the health sector to improve our understanding of air pollution, build awareness of its health impacts and the ways in which it can be tackled.

Formula E's race to city centres worldwide shares much in common with Clean Air Day's drive to raise awareness of, and put pay to air pollution.

Take a look at how we do it below, and you can share how you're getting involved with @cleanairdayuk across social media, using #CleanAirDay.

Racing for cleaner air

Sustainability is deeply rooted in our DNA, as the reason we go racing. Formula E promotes electric mobility and alternative energy solutions to contribute to reducing air pollution and the fight against climate change, in partnership with the UN Environment Programme's #BeatAirPollution campaign, and whilst contributing towards nine of the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Urban air pollution is currently increasing by eight per cent every five years and 95 percent of cities worldwide do not meet the guidelines established by the World Health Organization. It kills more people than smoking, with the WHO also estimating that seven million people die as a result of air pollution every year.

Alongside our partners, we are advocating the global adoption of clean mobility by enhancing technologies, working with cities to improve infrastructure and raise awareness of the benefits of electric vehicles - one of the most effective means of tackling urban air pollution.

Currently there are four barriers to the global uptake of electric vehicles and Formula E is stiriving to break down each:

  1. Perception: proving electric cars are high-performing and efficient.
  2. Technology: removing range anxiety and showcasing lifespan and longevity
  3. Infrastructure: increasing the number and speed of charging stations
  4. Cost: making cars cheaper in comparison to other options on the market

Our vision

We aspire to accelerate change towards an electric future, one race and one city at a time. Through the championship, we aim to raise awareness and inspire change in sustainable practises, contributing to reducing global carbon emissions and urban air pollution.

Using the spectacle of sport, we're sending powerful and meaningful message to help change perceptions and speed up the switch to electric mobility. We also operate as a testbed to push the development of new technologies needed for an electric, low-carbon future.


Mapping the issue

Air pollution is a challenge for the entire planet. Formula E brings closely-contested racing to the city streets of the world in our Race for Clean Air which aims to help combat air pollution and climate change through the promotion and adoption of more sustainable mobility.

Mapping out pollution across the globe is one positive step we can make towards making air quality more transparent for everyone.

We have worked with Plume Labs to bring you an interactive map that allows you to understand the quality of air around you, and that of our teams, drivers and partners in real time.