2019 Paris E-Prix

Race 8 | 27 Apr 2019
2019 Paris E-Prix
Paris Allianz E-Village
Fan Zone

Allianz E-Village 100% Free

Immerse yourself in the Allianz E-Village - Formula E's dedicated fan festival devoted to exploring the racing series, experiencing the latest innovations and enjoying some of the best entertainment alongside all the racing action.

The Allianz E-Village is our immersive Fan Zone, accessible for free to anyone. It’s a full day festival of entertainment, exploration and innovation for fans of all ages and includes the show-stopping Podium ceremony.

  • Formula E World: New for the 2018/19 season is Formula E World - a brand new centrepiece inside the Allianz E-Village to bring you closer to the action and learn more about our the world of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship.
  • Meet the drivers: Meet your heroes at the autograph session, challenge them in the E-Race at the Gaming Zone or just join in the champagne and selfie celebrations at the podium ceremony. It’s your day - you decide.
  • Live performances: experience the very best live music with a live performance from Synapson as well as DJ sets and a Batucada show.
  • Allianz Explorer Zone: discover a whole world of new technologies and interactive displays inside the Allianz Explorer Zone.
  • Drive Zone: Get to grips with the latest range of all-electric and hybrid cars from manufacturers such as BMW, Porsche, Audi, and Jaguar.
  • Inspire Zone: learn about a variety of inspiring companies showcasing their latest innovations and technologies in the heart of the circuit.
  • Gaming Zone: test your driving skills on one of our Formula E simulators. Set a fast enough lap time and earn the chance to race against four Formula E drivers during the E-Race, broadcast at the E-Prix.
  • Kids Zone: for our younger fans, there’s a whole zone dedicated to learning, exploration and discovery.
  • Taste Zone: enjoy a range of food from all over the world in our dedicated Taste Zone.
  • Startup Zone: Discover the most innovative French start-ups that contributes to the future of electric mobility.
  • Enel X Recharge Zone: Relax and charge your phones either in a traditional way or in a sportive and green way by pedalling on our charging bikes

Learn more about the Allianz E-Village.

List of stands in the E-Village:

Allianz / ABB / Saudia / Bosch / Enedis / BMW / Jaguar / Mercedes / Porsche / DS / Nissan / Audi / Heineken / French Army

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formula e in paris

Race info

Formula E returns to the home of motorsport as we head back to the cobbled streets of the 1.9km Circuit des Invalides in the heart of the city. 

The track

Circuit des Invalides

Ah, the sights and sounds of Paris - the City of Light - romance capital of the world and birthplace of motorsport as we know it today. But for us, it's the crucial mid-way point in the voestalpine European races - a 1.9km inner-city battleground and the only home race for our reigning champion Jean-Eric Vergne. While Paris might be the shortest track in the calendar, it's far from the easiest.

Taking place around the historic Les Invalides complex, all 22 cars and drivers will head off towards Place Vauban, directly behind the iconic golden dome - home to Napoleon's tomb.

From there, the drivers head back towards the Seine river before navigating their way through a technical section directly in front of the complex. Finally, after snaking through Turns 12,13 and 14, it's back over the start/finish line.

Paris track map
Track length: 1.9km
map illustration of where the Paris E-Prix track will be situated

get to know the Track 

See all 22 new Gen2 cars in action

While the championship might be only five years old, the technology racing around the circuit is ever-changing. Season 5 will see 22 Gen2 cars racing around the track in anger for the very first time. The Batmobile-esque all-electric racer has double the energy storage capacity of the Gen1 car, meaning it can complete a whole race, so wave goodbye to mid-race car swaps. With 250kW of power, the Gen2 will accelerate from 0-100km/h in 2.8-seconds and go on to a top speed of 280km/h.

Greater speeds, more action on track and with just one car per driver - there's everything to lose.

Formula E electric racing cars round a corner on the track

Introducing the Jaguar I-PACE eTROPHY

Jaguar is making history with the world’s first all-electric production based international race series. Beginning in season five of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship, the Jaguar I-PACE eTROPHY is the first official support race to the street racing series.

20 I-PACEs. 10 races. 1 winner.

With 20 production based Jaguar I-PACE race cars with identical specifications going head to head, it’s down to driver skill and team tactics to decide who will be crowned champion. Held over ten races and in some of the world’s most celebrated cities, the Jaguar I-PACE eTROPHY championship promises to be the next exciting chapter in Jaguar’s Race to Innovate.

a Generation 2 Formula E racing car drives past green bushes - Formula E sustainability


Making an impact and leaving a legacy in Paris.

In the presence of Thierry BRAILLARD, Minister of State for Sport, and Pascal CANFIN, CEO of WWF France, the organisers of the 20 biggest international sporting events in France signed the “15 environmentally responsible commitments to sporting events” at the Ministry of Sport on Thursday, 12 January 2017. In order to be at the forefront of sustainability, Formula E’s Paris E-Prix was one of the events which signed these 15 sustainability commitments. Formula E has a core commitment to promoting electric mobility and mitigating climate change via its events and it aims to set an example to the world in terms of promoting sustainability.

A world first, these commitments include ambitious and quantified targets and demonstrate that environmental responsibility is embedded in the specifications of organising international sport events in France. Respect for the environment is now a condition to host these major events across the French territory. These 15 sustainability engagements focus on sustainable food and sourcing, waste recycling, water and energy consumption control, sustainable mobility, biodiversity conservation, access for all, or promoting gender equality to leadership roles. Paris E-Prix strives to achieve these sustainability goals and be a forefront in this regard.

We successfully adhered to the 15 sustainable commitments in 2018 and look forward to replicating our efforts in 2019.


Keeping local businesses informed: It is key to make sure that the local business surrounding the track receive all the information needed for their daily operation and to be able to spread the word about the setup, event and dismantling of the Paris E-Prix. To ensure this, we have prepared 350 packages including a tote bag with pen, neighbourhood’s information, flyers and poster of the race.

Involving local resident: The Paris E-Prix wants to involve and thank the residents of Les Invalides for hosting hence this year we will be distributing them 12000 by end of April together with key info about the race in terms of the setup, event and dismantling activities.

Offering behind the scene experience to our local community: The local community is hosting us in one of the most beautiful and busiest locations in Paris so in return it is important to thank them for hosting us and also to show that Paris E-Prix is much more than just a race. The day before the race we will have a group of approx. 100 people invited from local schools, Les Restos du Coeur, L ’association du Sport et Plus and Les Petits Princes for a behind the scene tour of the event. Key highlights are: pitlane walk including a meet and greet at teams garages, driving race simulators, watching shakedown (the first time the cars are on track) in grandstands, drivers autograph and of course access for the race on the following day!

Partnering with local charities: The Paris E-Prix is using its platform to help raise the profile of local charities and support them through our event. This year we have identified three causes that are close to our hearts:

  • L’association du Sport et Plus: This association aims at bringing some of the sports magic to children in hospital. We will send drivers for a visit in a nearby hospital and include some of the motorsport fan patients and families for or community tour. For more information visit
  • L’association Petits Princes: This association makes dream come true for kids severally ill. We have donated them four VIP tickets to be auctioned off in a fundraise benefiting them. We will also make some dreams come true thanks to our community tour. For more information visit
  • Les Restos du Cœur : This well know association helps to distribute meals to people in need. One of distribution point is located in an area of the race track hence is being displaced to ensure people can still have access to food. Paris E-Prix has facilitated finding a new distribution point and our French team will also be volunteering for a day in march to show support to the cause. For more information on the association please visit:

Creating awareness on air pollution: One year ago we announced a global partnership with United Nations Environment Programme in the context for their air quality programme called Breathe Life campaign making Lucas di Grassi one of their ambassadors. This year you will find a photo wall together with a photo box within in our E-Village where you can figure yourself alongside Lucas in a racing driver suite or driving the FE car to stand and fight against air pollution!

Recycling our waste: We take waste reduction and recycling very seriously hence you will find recycling bins all around the Paris E-Prix site with coloured signage for each stream including pictograms to guide you. Also, you will be supported by our wonderful “Recycling Rangers” team who will be patrolling around the site to help you recycle more efficiently and answer any of your questions.

Reducing our plastics use: According to WHO by 2050 there will be more plastic than fishes in the sea. Single used plastics is one of the most pressing environmental issues we are facing hence we have decided to take action by offering reusable water pouches in each of our E-Village together with free filtered water at our hydration stations. Even our drivers are loving for them so please make sure you refill and reuse at home!

Food for thoughts: In the E-Village you will find a selection of local, seasonal, healthy and vegetarian or vegan options in our F&B section. Catering is the third biggest impact in our event hence these simple steps enable use to reduce our footprint.

Joining forces with French Ministry of Sports: In 2016 we contributed to the creation of a charter signed by most of the major French sporting events. This provides guidance to have a sustainable approach on events with 15 concrete measure: waste management, diversity promotion or energy. Each year since them Paris E-Prix has reported out the achievements of these commitments.

Raising the bar in sustainability: Formula E was the first ever motorsport Championship certified “sustainable events” (ISO 20121 third party) meaning our events are produced in a way that ensures environmental protection, social inclusivity and economic prosperity. The 2019 Paris E-Prix will be one of the events audited to ensure we keep improving and raising the bar.


5* : Les 5 codets / Juliana / Le Narcisse blanc

4* : Bourgogne et Montana / Hôtel de Varenne / Hôtel Saint-Dominique / La Comtesse Tour Eiffel / Le Tourville / Thoumieux

3* : Hôtel de France / Hôtel de l’Empereur / Hôtel Muguet / La Tour Maubourg

Bars and Restaurants

Le Narcisse Blanc / Thoumieux / Bar du Central / Chez Françoise / Chez les Anges / Colonel Moustache / D’Chez eux / David Toutain / Divellec / Fitzgerald / Garance / La Fontaine de Mars / La Terrasse / Le Café de l’Esplanade / Le Café du Musée / Le Pasco / Le Transit / Le Vauban / Malabar / Restaurant Petrossian / Romantica Caffé / The Club / Thiou / Tomy & Co

Food Trucks

Please find below the list of food trucks that will be present in the E-Village, provided by our partner M & M Food Brokers.

Apple Candy - glace, churros, barbe - Kid Zone / BSJ - cafet - Kid Zone / La Mer a Boire - huitre et saumon + vin - Kid Zone / Cantine California burger frite - St Do / La Fourchette des Anges - veggan burger et wraps - St Do / Bar - Heineken, Moet, soft - St Do / Sukhumvit - pad thai - St Do / Korrigan - crepes et galettes - St Do / A Bicyclette - salades - St Do / L'Elephant Roulant - hotdogs - Universite / Fire Truck - fish 'n' chips - Universite / Maria Juana - tacos - Universite - Glazed - glace et gaufres - Universite / Minute Papillon - piandine Italiennes - Universite / JonJon - coconuts - Universite / Vino Itineris - cave et vin - Esplanade / Bar - bieres et soft spes - Esplanade / Appie - bar cidre - Esplanade / Minute Papillon - arancini et bar - Tribune / Heineken - bar a biere - Central