05 Aug 20

Motorsport Manager Online celebrates Formula E finale with Berlin event

Motorsport Manager Online lets you be the boss and for the duration of Formula E's unprecedented nine-day six-race season finale, you'll be getting a leg up with 50 percent off the Formula E content pack and double in-game prize money.

Channel your inner Dilbagh, Preston or Wolff...

Available now on iOS and Android, Motorsport Manager Online from Playsport Games puts you in charge of your own Formula E team as you to take control and call the shots on race strategy and mastermind your team's victory.

With all the official teams and drivers from the current Formula E season available to unlock, the free-to-play app will let you face of all of the challenges of being a Formula E team manager, letting you experience the difficult decisions the likes of Mahindra Racing's Dilbagh Gill and Susie Wolff of ROKiT Venturi Racing have to make a regular basis.

In the career mode, you will be challenged to create the perfect team and race package for your virtual drivers. With your line-up, you can take the challenge to competitors all over the globe as you set the race strategy: choosing when to take the push hard and overtake your rivals or when to hold back and conserve energy, as every decision will decide the outcome.

The full Formula E experience

To give you a true test of an E-Prix, Motorsport Manager Online also has a dedicated Formula E mode, here you'll experience the unique challenges of the all-electric street racing series with the addition of when to activate ATTACK MODE and deploy FANBOOST, putting your strategic skills to the test.

Just as seen in real Formula E races, players won’t need to make a pitstop to change tyres in wet conditions, as the special mode also incorporates the all-weather 18-inch Michelin Pilot Sport tyre. Fans will also have to contend with the tight and challenging city-centre street courses, with tracks in Paris and Rome accessible in the Formula E race mode.

Motorsport Manager

Berlin bonus!

For the duration of the nine-day six-race Berlin finale from Tempelhof, you'll be getting a leg up in Motorsport Manager Online with 50 percent off the Formula E content pack and double your in-game prize money to accelerate your trip up the motorsport ladder.

Motorsport Manager Online is available to play on iOS and Android now, download today and start your journey managing a Formula E team.

Motorsport Manager Online is available to play now on iOS and Android