10 rules for behind-closed-door racing

Rule 1 - Reduce workforce to essential staff only

  • Operating under a maximum capacity of 1,000 people on site.
  • Heavily reduced numbers, usually being 5,000+ at events.
  • Enforced curfews and shift rotation to limit interaction.

Rule 2 - Protect vulnerable individuals

  • People over-60 or with underlying medical conditions should not attend.
  • Strict checks to form part of the accreditation application process.

Rule 3 - Stay in your zone

  • Staff and suppliers assigned to separate zones at the racetrack.
  • Stay alert and keep distance while travelling and in temporary accommodation.
  • Clusters and sub-clusters to be defined to further reduce risk.

Rule 4 - Keep your distance

  • Social distancing measures to be followed, staying two metres apart.
  • Event populations to remain in designated zones throughout the duration.
  • Reduced podium ceremony and starting grid procedures.

Rule 5 - Wear PPE at all times

  • Surgical masks are required to be worn at all times as a minimum.
  • Specific PPE (FFP2 masks and eye protection) required for certain duties.

Rule 6 - Wash your hands

  • Regular and thorough handwashing methods should be adhered to.
  • Avoid items of communal use and pre-assign equipment for the entire period.
  • Additional facilities and handwashing stations placed around the site.

Rule 7 - Get tested

  • PCR testing and a negative result required before entering the venue.
  • Daily tests for new arrivals on site and repeated every five days.

Rule 8 - Undergo daily medical checks

  • Temperature checks and a wellbeing questionnaire to be completed every day before entering.

Rule 9 - Respect travel restrictions

  • Follow the German government guidelines.

Rule 10 - Follow the code of conduct

  • Attendees must complete a compulsory induction session in order to receive accreditation.


To read the full event guidelines for behind-closed-door racing, please click here.