Racing for a Renewable Future

An Integrated Sustainability Mindset

Formula E is disruptive in motorsport, redefining the very boundaries of what a sport can be through the unique fusion of sustainability, entertainment, technology and innovation.

icons representing five key areas of formula e environmental impact

ENERGY: Our cars are fully powered by Formula E glycerine fuel generators, a revolutionary 100% renewable glycerine fuel.

TYRES: We use only 1 set of hybrid tyres per race, which were specially designed by Michelin to be suitable for all weather conditions.

TRACKS: We race on temporary tracks in the hearts of some of the world's leading cities, eliminating the need to build new infrastructure for each race.

SPECTATORS: We bring the race to city centres and encourage fans to use public transport or electric vehicle sharing. We purposefully do not provide parking spaces to reinforce this. We also have a great online platform where fans can watch the race live and in 360!

RACE CALENDAR: We race region by region to optimise our freight, thanks to our Official Logistics Partner, DHL.

Driving Air Quality

Air pollution is a serious global problem. Today, it causes more deaths annually than tobacco. We are working to influence better air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by supporting the research, development and promotion of electric vehicles as a solution to air pollution in the city centres where we race.

As a partner of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), we have a shared interest in working to improve air quality to protect both the environment and human health. Cities contribute disproportionately to air pollution, making up 75% of global emissions. By racing and showcasing clean, electric mobility in the heart of some of the world's most iconic cities, we have been able to help UNEP raise awareness on this important topic.

“We face big challenges ahead of us — climate change, inner-city pollution and producing energy in a sustainable way all around the world. That's why we've teamed up with UN Environment to accelerate the education process. Formula E and the FIA aim to make the switch to electric cars make sense for consumers — more efficient and more affordable.”
- Alejandro Agag, Founder and CEO of Formula E

In our E-Village at both the Paris and New York City E-Prix races, UNEP activated their #BreatheLife campaign, designed to mobilize cities and individuals to protect our health and the planet from the negative effects of air pollution.

At the Paris E-Prix in April, UNEP named Brazilian Formula E driver Lucas Di Grassi as their Global Ambassador for clean air. See the story on the UN environment website.

Together, we are raising awareness for a cleaner future.

racing driver Lucas Di Grassi with Formula E chair Alejandro Agag and UNEP staff

Promoting Renewable Energy

Electric vehicles only reach their full green potential when powered by 100% renewable energy. We are a proud ambassador of the EV100 programme and partner of the RE100 programme. Both roles signal our commitment to accelerating the transition to electric vehicles and 100% renewable energy with the shared goal to accelerate climate action.

RE100 is a global, collaborative initiative by The Climate Group, in partnership with CDP, to support influential companies working towards 100% renewable energy targets. According to The Climate Group, "Businesses are already taking bold and ambitious action to help create the transformative change we need to drive the clean energy revolution. One of the ways they are doing this is by switching to renewable power."

“The Climate Group is a proud partner of Formula E. Our organisations share a drive to accelerate climate action. Together we’re focused on making electric transport powered by renewable energy into the global norm. We’re delighted that Formula E is a member of The Climate Group’s RE100 campaign, and joins over 130 other global businesses in making the commitment to 100% renewable electricity across its operations. In the future, we’ll be working closely with Formula E to encourage businesses and governments to make bold commitments to scaling up electric vehicle use as part of our EV100 initiative. With companies owning over half of all registered vehicles on the road, it is crucial that they lead the shift to electric vehicles. Through their investment, and influence on millions of staff and customers worldwide, they can significantly enhance mass demand for electric vehicles and thereby rapidly bend the transport emissions curve.”
- Helen Clarkson, CEO of The Climate Group

The EV100 is a global initiative that encourages businesses and governments to make bold commitments to scaling up electric vehicle use.

The objective is to "make electric transport the new normal by 2030." This is also a key objective of Formula E and therefore a natural fit with the work of The Climate Group.

Just like the fuel that powers the cars racing down city streets each season, our offices in London are also powered by 100% renewable energy.

Our long-term vision is to power our events with 100% renewable energy by 2020 (beyond our cars).