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Tune in to the closest, most intense racing series on the planet. Watch 24 cars and drivers go head to head on the streets of the world's most progressive cities. Watch The Fiercely Driven. Watch Formula E.

Why Watch the 2019/20 season of Formula E?

The best line up in motorsport

For the 2019/20 season, championship-winning masters Porsche and Mercedes-Benz join the likes of BMW, Audi, DS, Mahindra, NIO, Nissan, Jaguar and Venturi to make one of the most competitive manufacturer line ups in the history of motorsport. Driving the number of teams to 12, with 24 cars and drivers on the grid, get ready for fierce fighting on the city streets as they battle for the all-important teams' championship title. 

Real racing action, real driver rivalries

The last season of Formula E saw nine different winners, from eight different teams battle on the streets of 12 different cities. With new teams, new drivers and new cities - get ready for even more action, more wheel-to-wheel combat and a whole lot more spins, slides and saves from the fastest growing motorsport on the planet.

Cleaner future, faster

Formula E is more than a just a racing series - it's a battle for the future. All 24 radical Gen2 cars - powered by electricity - pave the way for the road cars of tomorrow, with the series acting as a competitive platform to test and develop the latest in electric technology. By pitching 11 of the world's greatest manufacturers against each other on the city streets, Formula E promotes the adoption of sustainable mobility in city centres in a bid to combat air pollution and lessen the affects of climate change. 

14 races, 12 cities but only 1 crown

At Formula E we turn streets into unforgiving, inner-city race tracks. The 2019/20 season sees the all-electric series return to the likes of Saudi Arabia, Santiago, Mexico City, Hong Kong, Rome, Paris, Berlin and New York alongside Seoul, before the Championship wraps up with a double-header in London. 14 races, 12 of the world's most progressive cities but only one champion. Hold on tight, it's going to be one hell of a ride.  

Seoul skyline

Formula E

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