Enel X Way

Official Smart Charge Technology and Power Partner
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As a global leader in sustainable energy solutions, Enel X Way helps us to optimise our energy generation, distribution, storage and management. Together, we find new ways to power entertainment – and more. With every E-Prix, innovation accelerates new solutions for electric mobility in our cities.

Enel has been working alongside Formula E as Official Power Partner since the inaugural season of the championship, bringing decades of expertise to the all-electric street racing series in the field of smart grids, infrastructures for electric mobility, storage systems and generation from renewables.

Whilst keeping environmental protection and sustainability at the core of the relationship, Enel is committed to innovation and digital transformation, offering Formula E with solutions that integrate the best technologies with a data-driven approach.

Enel increased their relationship with Formula E in 2018, as Enel X joined the series as the Official Smart Charging Partner. Now Enel X Way, the new global business line of Enel Group dedicated to electric mobility, specialises in the development of advanced solutions and products for electric mobility, including the innovative Enel X Way JuicePump.

Enel X Way JuicePump

At just 200 kg, the Enel X Way JuicePump has half the weight of other charging infrastructure, provides twice the power and is easy to transport from one circuit to another. Due to its high concentration of power, the Enel X Way JuicePump’s can give a Formula E racer a full charge in just 75 minutes, as set out in the technical regulations.