Next generation Formula E Car breaks cover in Geneva

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Next generation Formula E Car breaks cover in Geneva

The moment has come - all you need to know and full tech-specs of the Gen2 Formula E car

Next generation Formula E Car breaks cover in Geneva

You've seen the teasers, you've seen the CGI shots but now, it's finally time to uncover the future of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship. Welcome, one and all, to the first official pictures and technical specification of the Gen2 car, as the covers come off at the Geneva motor show.

Unveiling the car for the very first time was FIA President Jean Todt, Founder & CEO of Formula E Alejandro Agag, alongside a helping (not-so-human) hand from our title partner ABB's robot arm.

With a top speed of 280 km/h (174 mph) and the ability to travel double the distance of our current car, the Gen2 car means there's no need for a mid-race car swap from Season Five onwards. Doubling the range of the car in just four years, shows just how fast the technology in Formula E and the world of electric mobility is developing. "It’s incredible to see the progress made in just four years - to double the range of the car and increase the power output is a fantastic achievement," said FIA President Jean Todt. "With the support of so many manufacturers, Formula E will continue to push the development of electric vehicle technology, and this car is an important milestone in this journey.”

With the likes of Jaguar, Audi, DS, Mahindra, NIO, Renault and French manufacturer Venturi already competing in the championship, seasons five and six will see BMW, Porsche, Mercedes and Nissan join the ranks as the world's first all-electric single seater championship continues to grow. With so many manufacturers involved, "Formula E Formula E will continue to push the development of electric vehicle technology," said Todt.

Aside from the dramatic batmobile-like bodywork, the Gen2 Formula E car will benefit from the new Halo head protection device, which forms part of the chassis. With a nifty strip of LED lighting, fans will be able to follow the strategy of their favourite team or driver - with the lights indicating different power modes and other race-related information. "This is the first time I’ve seen the complete car in the flesh and it’s even more sleek and spectacular up close. If you were to draw a racing car from scratch and base it purely on its looks, you’d come up with just this design," said Alejandro Agag, Founder and CEO of Formula E. "This model visually differentiates Formula E from any other single-seater in motorsport today. When people see this car they will say it’s Formula E, it’s the future.”

Keeping the car planted on the track is the job of the new Michelin Pilot Sport all-weather tyre, specifically designed for electric street racing. Lighter than its predecessors, they tyre also creates less rolling resistance, helping the cars travel faster for longer. Formula E is a fascinating mission from a technical perspective - it gives us the opportunity to create something completely different to anything else in motorsport, and developing innovative technologies at the forefront of the electric revolution that is happening in the automotive industry is really exciting, said FIA Technical Director, Gilles Simon. "To make some something faster with double the efficiency was a great challenge, and I think it’s going to be very spectacular when it takes to the track in season five.”


Length - 5160 mm
Width - 1770 mm
Height - 1050 mm
Front track - 1553 mm
Rear track - 1505 mm
Ride height - 75 mm (max)
Wheelbase - 3100 mm

Minimum weight (inc. driver)

900 kg (battery - 385 kg)

Maximum power - 250 kW, equivalent to 335 bhp
Race mode (maximum power available) - 200 kW, equivalent to 270 bhp
Maximum power regeneration - 250 kW
The amount of energy that can be delivered to the MGU (the motor) by the RESS (the battery) is limited to 54 kWh. This will be permanently monitored by the FIA.

Maximum speed - 280 km/h (174 mph)

Acceleration - 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in 2.8 seconds

Tyres - Bespoke 18-inch MICHELIN Pilot Sport tyres for use in both wet and dry conditions.

Brakes - Brembo package; bespoke carbon discs and pads 278 mm in diameter at the front and 263 mm at the rear, callipers and tandem master cylinder - brake-by-wire at the rear.