International Women's Day: Hearing from incredible talent in Formula E

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International Women's Day: Hearing from incredible talent in Formula E

This International Women's Day, we're highlighting some of the diverse roles held by women across Formula E.

International Womens Day

The ABB FIA Formula E Championship has proudly championed women since its inception, from drivers, team principals and senior figures to those in the media, communications and technology. 

Here’s what some of our current team had to say about working in motorsport on International Women’s Day. 

Hayley Mann, Vice President of People at Formula E

“Days like International Women’s Day give us the opportunity to reflect and celebrate how far we’ve come, but importantly look forward to the possibilities ahead when we truly break down barriers. At Formula E, I believe inclusion isn’t ‘nice’ to have, it’s critical to our success.”

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Libby Forbes, Senior Partnership Manager at Formula E

“Delivering the FIA Girls on Track programme, I’ve had a glimpse into the future—witnessing the potential of aspiring girls from across the world who dream to be the next Formula E World Champion, Team Principal, or Engineer.

“As a woman in a male-dominated industry, I’m dedicated to driving this change, but we can’t do it alone.

“We all need to be accountable in our roles within the sport to remove barriers and champion diversity. I’m proud to work at Formula E, alongside like-minded individuals working hard to inspire inclusion.”


Julia Palle, Vice President of Sustainability at Formula E

Julia Palle

“From Season 10, the FIA Girls On Track programme will be integrated into every E-Prix event, marking a transformative journey towards inclusivity and excellence in racing. Our commitment to diversity is further enhanced by initiatives like the NXT Gen Cup, where both young male and female drivers compete side by side.”

Claudia Denni, Sporting Director at Formula E

“I recall my first and past motorsport experiences, where the attendance of female professionals was only restricted to a very small number in the paddock.

“Female inclusion is getting stronger and more solid within the sport. Today, many professional women are part and witness of this evolution covering operational, strategic, engineering, and commercial roles that are key to Championship delivery, and this is surely a great feeling who makes me and us proud of what we have achieved so far.”

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Aarti Dabas, Chief Media Officer at Formula E

“Having women included as part of decision-making groups and involving them in discussions leads to better business outcomes. It improves organisation culture. When you hire women and create psychological safety to allow them to speak up, involve them in decisions, you see how their contributions positively impact team culture and growth.”