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Formula E brings racing tech to the road, as some of the biggest car and motorsport brands go head-to-head using city street racing as their testing ground

Gen2: The final car swap

The next evolution: Gen2. The Batmobile-esque all-electric racer pushed the boundaries with double the energy storage capacity of the Gen1 car, meaning it can complete a whole race, so no more mid-race car swaps. Greater speeds, more action on track and with just one car per driver - the pressure was on.

Gen2 car studio light trails

Gen1: The car that launched a series

In Season 1, back in 2014, Formula E ushered in a revolution with our all-electric open-wheel Gen1 car - a first of its kind in motorsport. The car produced a humble 200kW of power, which was enough for it to hit a sizeable top speed of 225kmh and be able to regenerate 100KWh of power. While impressive for the time, the cars were a radical shift away from anything that had come before them in motorsport.