NIO 333 to support environmental projects in China and Africa

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NIO 333 to support environmental projects in China and Africa

NIO 333 to support environmental projects in China and Africa

NIO 333 has chosen the Hebei Kangbao Wolongtushan Wind Project in China and the Kasigau Wildlife Corridor in Kenya as two projects that will be supported by its carbon offsetting and wider environmental and sustainability programme.

The team was awarded FIA Three Star Environmental Accreditation, which recognises best practice in environmental awareness and sustainability. The Anglo-Chinese outfit has commenced contributing towards two projects to reach its goal of offsetting its unavoidable carbon emissions.

The Kagisau Corridor Project

The Kasigau Corridor Project is a REDD+2 project based in Rukinga, Kenya, Africa. A pioneer in wildlife conservation, the project protects over 200,000 hectares of Acacia-Commiphora dryland forest, home to over 11,000 wild elephants in the ecosystem and will see 1 million tonnes of CO2 emissions offset over 30 years.

Rukinga is also home to over 50 species of large mammals, 20 species of bats and 300 species of birds. The project provides social programs that impact over 116,000 local people and provides the local community of the Kasigau Corridor region with long-term employment that replaces unsustainable sources of income such as poaching, subsistence agriculture and illegal tree harvesting. 


Accelerating China's renewables boom

In recent years, China has seen remarkable growth in the installation of renewable energy projects. In 2020 alone, the country more than doubled its construction of new wind and solar power plants from the previous year. The Hebei Kangbao Wolongtushan Wind Farm Project which NIO 333 is to support, sits on the Wolongtu Mountain in the Hebei province in northern China and provides up to 30MW of power from 40 turbines, supporting the power grid with 57,946 MWh a year.

Ongoing maintenance also creates employment opportunities for the local community, helping to stimulate economic growth and add to the sustainable development of the region by utilising locally-made equipment from Hebei.

“In addition to competing in the world’s most competitive and environmentally conscious motorsport championship, we, as a team and as individuals, have actively undertaken social responsibility in our bases in the UK and China, whilst travelling and at our own homes," says Team Principal Alex Hui. "We commit to continuing in our quest to be leaders in sustainable development and environmental awareness, using the platform of global motorsport to do so."