Title Partner

Breaking new ground in the world of FIA-sanctioned single-seater championships, global technology company and leader in electrification, robotics and motion ABB joined Formula E as the series' title partner in January 2018, to form the ABB FIA Formula E Championship. With the world's largest installed base of EV chargers and a competitive platform for global car manufacturers and mobility providers to test and develop road-relevant technologies, both ABB and Formula E will write the future of e-mobility.

Julius Baer

Global Partner

Julius Baer has been our Official Global Partner since the very first race in 2014. The Bank, with its visionary approach, shares many values with Formula E such as innovation, sustainability, and a forward-looking, pioneering spirit. Julius Baer is a signatory of the UN supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) and a member of the Swiss Sustainable Finance Association. The Bank is committed to incorporating ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Government) metrics into its investment decision-making and ownership practices. Julius Baer’s next generation philosophy revolves around an exploration of the global megatrends set to affect our lives in years to come and it seeks out sustainable growth opportunities based on those megatrends. The Julius Baer Group operates as a carbon-neutral company and aims to minimise the company’s CO2 footprint. In addition, it is a member of the Swiss Climate Foundation. In order to raise awareness of the important environmental messages key to the protection of the planet, Julius Baer commissioned a special iceberg livery for the Formula E show car to celebrate Earth Day as well as supporting Project Ice in November 2016.


Official Partner

Our Official Tyre Partner Michelin supplies the championship with unique and specially developed tyres, which are suitable in both wet and dry conditions and last for the whole race day. Since the inaugreal race in 2014, the tyres have been redesigned to be lighter, now weighing five kilograms less per set of tyres, as well as being more energy efficient. Michelin, partnering with the FIA, support the Formula E Legacy Programme with their commitment to raise awareness around road safety. The ‘Beyond the Driving Test’ campaign in the USA, improves safety of teen driver’s tyre maintenance. Michelin’s Movin’ On campaign brings together political, industry, scientific, and media representatives to discuss the challenges of, and solutions for, sustainable mobility.

TAG Heuer

Official Partner

Being one of the first partners to commit to the Formula E adventure in early 2013, Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer is committed to the future of Formula E. As the Official Time Keeper and Founding Partner of the championship, TAG Heuer has also developed sustainability programmes, that promote clean energy and the preservation of the environment in Switzerland, where the brand produces its watches.


Official Partner

Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. (QTI) is an Official Technology and Founding Partner of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship. As a leader in wireless technology, QTI is supporting Formula E in their quest to incorporate exciting new and innovative technologies into the race series. Qualcomm Halo™ wireless electric vehicle charging systems are integrated into the Official Qualcomm Safety Cars. Enabling these key support vehicles to be charged wirelessly ensures they remain fully charged at all times, ready to be rapidly deployed in case of an emergency. Qualcomm defines sustainability as a strategy that drives long-term growth and profitability. This means including environmental, social and corporate governance issues in business decisions as they relate to the company’s key spheres of influence: its workplace, its supply chain, local communities, the technology industry and the public policy realm. Qualcomm focuses its resources, programmes and reporting on its six priority areas: transformative technology, sustainable product design, privacy and security, STEM education, inclusion and diversity and ethical governance.


Official Partner

DHL, our Official Logistics Partner, helped to develop a sustainable race calendar and provide fast, efficient and environmentally conscious transportation services to the championship race cars, medical and rescue cars, spare parts and equipment. DHL is devoted to the research and development of sustainable logistics and takes part Formula E’s Partner Legacy Programme. On our trip to the icecaps in Greenland, to raise awareness around global warming, we tasked DHL to establish the most sustainable transport methods, in order to keep the footprint of the project as small as possible. In 2015, DHL received 221 awards from 73 different countries and entities and the company is listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

Official Partner

BMW i is our Official Vehicle Partner, and supplies the BMW i8’s used as the championship safety cars, the all-electric BMW i3 medical and race control cars as well as the X5 xDrive40e plug-in hybrid rescue car. BMW i has led the Dow Jones Sustainability Index nine times since 2005, making it one of the most sustainable companies in the automotive industry. As evidence of this, one hundred per cent of the power used by the BMW i manufacturing plant in Leipzig is obtained from renewable energy resources.


Official Partner

Our Official Payment Partner is committed to maximising its positive impact on society and sustainability. By striving to reduce energy and water usage and increase waste diversion to landfills, Visa is lowering its environmental impact while increasing efficiencies in its business. The company has achieved environmental certification status for many of its offices and data centres, including ISO14001 certification for the company’s environmental management system in Europe.

G. H. Mumm

Official Partner

Maison Mumm, our Official Champagne Partner, has been pushing the limits in the pursuit of victory through innovation in sport and adventure since 1904, when they supported Baptiste Charcot in his explorations of Antarctica. From 1904 to 2016, Mumm also supported our trip to Greenland for our Project Ice, raising awareness around the melting ice caps and climate change. A proud history of accompanying winners on the podium, Mumm play a central role in the moment of victory and celebration. They have redesigned their Formula E champagne bottles so that they are lighter, easier to transport, and as a result more fuel efficient so more sustainable for the environment.


Official Partner

ARRIVAL, the British automotive technology company, is the championship’s Official Electric Truck Partner. The company produces a range of electric autonomous-ready trucks that are revolutionising the way goods are transported in towns and cities around the world. Charge are making trucks the way they should be - affordable, elegant, quiet, clean and safe. Charge’s smart electric trucks will be used for both the driver’s parade as well as on and off-track logistics at Formula E events.


Official Partner

Leaders in renewable energy solutions and committed to researching and developing new environmentally friendly technologies, Enel help us to optimise our clean energy generation, distribution, storage and management. A transportable mini-grid relieves pressure on our host city’s electrical grid, while innovative storage systems allow us to distribute the energy from our glycerine generators as needed. Sustainability is at the heart of Enel.

Allianz Logo

Official Partner

Allianz is the official insurance partner of the championship, and is the presenting partner of the ‘Allianz E-Village’.

Hugo Boss

Official Partner

The HUGO BOSS Group is one of the leading companies in the upper premium segment of the apparel market that focuses on the development and marketing of premium fashion and accessories for men and women. To convey brand values such as dynamism, perfection and precision in an ideal way, the sponsorship activities of HUGO BOSS focus on premium sports such as golf, sailing, motorsport and soccer. 

Since December 2017, the Group has partnered with the Formula E racing series as first global apparel partner, utilising its 35 years of motorsport experience. HUGO BOSS designs and develops dynamic styles for the series’ management, employees and volunteers.