Berlin|20 May, 2016

Berlin - Track Guide

Situated in the centre of Berlin, winding around Strausberger Platz and towards Alexanderplatz, the location for the BMW i Berlin ePrix ticks all the boxes. Daniel Abt describes the feeling of racing in front of his home fans and the potential for a wet race…


Berlin - Track Guide

Number of turns - 11

Track length - 2.030km

Past winners - Jerome D’Ambrosio (Dragon Racing)

Qualifying record - n/a

Lap record - n/a



“First of all, I think it’s really great news that we have a race in Germany! It’s very important for the series and of course for us as a team, and for me as a driver. Last year was already a great event and I think Formula E managed to do even better because we are right in the centre, at Alexanderplatz. It’s a fantastic venue as a lot of people know and it looks really, really good."

Point and squirt

“Last year the track layout was really nice from a driving point of view, but actually it was not that easy to overtake and I think this year with the track we have it’s going to be really good for racing. We have long straights, hard braking zones and that’s exactly what you need if we’re going to have close action on track, especially with the energy saving that we do. I’m pretty sure that it’s going to be really exciting. We’ve seen that at a track like Buenos Aires with a long straight and a hairpin afterwards it creates a thrilling spectacle, and I think what we have here is very promising for that. I don’t know how the streets will look but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be very challenging for the drivers and very good for the fans.”

Come rain or shine

“Well, it can definitely rain in Germany. We are known for having mixed weather like in London, but I hope we don’t to be honest for the fans. It’s better if it’s a nice, sunny day and I hope that the German weather will help us a bit and we receive sunshine and get to enjoy the race. It’s definitely a challenge. During pre-season testing at Donington we had a few laps to get used to the rain and we had run-off areas and all that stuff. When you’re on a street circuit and it’s getting slippery and raining, it’s really a challenge because you still need to find the limit somehow, but if you go over the top you’re going to go into the wall. I think for drivers if it’s raining on a street circuit, especially as most of the time there’s little grip, it can get very, very tricky. We haven’t really had a lot of wet running, we had a little bit in London so we got a first taste but if it rains it’s going to be tough.”