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Car Construction
Newly formed Spark Racing Technology, based in France and led by the experienced Frédéric Vasseur, will build a total of 42 SRT_01E cars for the first season of the FIA Formula E Championship.


Powertrain & Electronics
World leading McLaren Electronic Systems will supply the electronics for the SRT_01E in addition to the powertrain.


Systems Integration
Systems integration will be carried out by Official Technical Partner Renault, a leader in electric vehicles and an expert in motorsport thanks to its Renault Sport Technologies and Renault Sport F1 programmes.


Battery Design
Williams Advanced Engineering, part of the Williams group of companies that includes the world famous Williams F1 Team, will supply the batteries for the SRT_01E producing 200kw, the equivalent of 270bhp.


Monocoque chassis designed and constructed by leading Italian firm Dallara. Made from carbon fibre and aluminium, the chassis is both super lightweight and incredibly strong and fully complies with the 2014 FIA crash tests - the same used to regulate Formula One.


All SRT_01E cars will be fitted with bespoke 18" treaded tyres specially designed by Michelin for use in both wet and dry condtions. Drivers will receive three sets to cover both their cars for a full race day with the tyres themselves providing high durability in all weather conditions and surfaces.



Formula E knows that the noise of any racing car is very important to its fans, which is why the sound of the new Spark-Renault SRT_01E will be one of the championship's most unique and exciting features. Contrary to popular belief, the Formula E cars are far from silent producing a modern, futuristic sound, combined with the fusion of the tyres on the track, the car's aero package and the electric drivetrain itself.

At high speed the sound produced by one SRT_01E will be approximately 80 decibels, more than an average petrol road car which produces around 70db. 

Listen to the Formula E car in action and the sound of the future...


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