Social Progress - ABB FIA Formula E World Championship


Building more inclusive, resilient and diverse communities within our host cities through the implementation of our strategic engagement plan.

Social Progress


Each season, we work with charities and engage with local stakeholders to achieve our mission of generating a positive impact, both in the local communities where we race and globally.


We bring local community groups and schools to visit the event and learn first-hand about the excitement of electric vehicles, their role in a sustainable future of mobility and the impact of inner-city air pollution. We also provide free or affordable access to the Allianz E-Village so local communities can experience the thrill of the race through games and educational activities.

By creating unforgettable experiences, we are better able to connect with communities and more effectively spread our global sustainability message.


Formula E has been working hard to increase gender equality in Motorsport through initiatives such as FIA Girls on Track. This programme aims to increase the percentage of women in motorsport by inviting young women from 8 to 18 years of age to discover, for free, the different aspects of motorsport and the industry, through a set of activities and workshops.

The FIA Girls on Track is a grassroots project to empower young girls and promote gender equality in an innovative, engaging and positive manner. As motorsport is strongly linked to major industries, FIA Girls On Track gives the girls involved in the programme, the chance to engage with career opportunities in all aspects of motorsport and beyond.

Young girls participate in a variety of activities including:


For several seasons, Formula E has hosted the FIA Smart Cities programme to advance the development of sustainable, safer and connected cities, working towards a lower-carbon economy.

Smart Cities - bigger image

FIA Smart Cities Forums bring together experts from different fields of sustainable mobility to demonstrate how cities can grow in a more sustainable and inclusive way, making the best use of innovative technology and calling for effective policymaking. Formula E events provide a unique arena for the FIA Smart Cities Initiative to host the FIA’s expertise in its complimentary pillars of Mobility and Sport.

At the Forum, we run an international entrepreneurship contest to identify, support and invest in the world’s most impactful technology companies in the smart cities ecosystem. Some previous themes have included autonomous driving, big data and artificial intelligence.

Find out more about the 2019 FIA Smart Cities of Mexico City, Hong Kong and Rome



Through our partnership with UNICEF we are committed to creating safer, more inclusive environments and a better world for future generations, as well as to providing children with the tools to reach their full potential. Building on the success of the 2020 partnership with UNICEF to fight the effects of coronavirus, in April 2021, we launched a new 3-year partnership to support 3 million children over 3 years.

Formula E is supporting the UNICEF Safe and Healthy Environment fund, and this is anchored around 4 pillars:

Make children a focus of environmental strategies
Empower children as agents of change
Protect children from impacts
Reduce emissions and pollution

Climate change is the most urgent global challenge of our time' - Hear from Ewan McGregor, Actor and UNICEF UK ambassador, on how UNICEF and Formula E are using their shared mission to create a safer and cleaner world for future generations.


Through the championship, we raise awareness on urban air pollution and the benefits of electric mobility as we race in the heart of some of the world’s most iconic cities across five continents. In addition, Brazilian Formula E driver Lucas di Grassi was named the UN Environment Programme Clean Air Advocate.

Following three successful years of campaigning to raise awareness of the problems of air pollution and the benefits of electric mobility, Formula E renewed its partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme in Season 7 (2021).

Find out more about the drivers, consequences and solutions to improve air pollution and learn more about our partnership with the UN Environment Programme.