08 Oct 20

WATCH: 13-year-old Charlotte Smith's campaign to say 'EV Thank You'

Meet Charlotte Smith, the 13-year-old who has been leaving cards on electric vehicles to say thank you for choosing to drive a zero-emissions car and drive towards a future with cleaner air.

"My ultimate goal for air-quality everywhere is for people to be walking around without any struggle with breathing and it would be nice for children to grow up and not breathe in emissions," said Charlotte, who has placed well over three-thousand thank you notes on the windscreens of EV cars.

Charlotte's appreciation for electric vehicles came after she completed a science project when she was 10-years-old, discovering the benefits of EVs through zero-emissions and contributing to cleaner air, which then inspired her to show gratitude to EV owners.

Her goal with the 'EV Thank You' initiative was to reward drivers who have chosen zero-emissions vehicles, adding: "I want to thank those that have consciously made that decision because I'm pretty sure the majority of EV drivers have done so and I find that inspiring."

Since starting Charlotte and her dad, Steve have travelled all across the UK showing support for EV drivers and even ventured to Oslo in Norway. Charlotte's work has also garnered support from The Queen and other members of the British Royal Family.

How Formula E is helping

We aspire to accelerate change towards an electric future, one race and one city at a time. Through the championship, we aim to raise awareness and inspire change in sustainable practises, contributing to reducing global carbon emissions and urban air pollution.

CLEAN AIR DAY: How Formula E and sustainability partner Global Action Plan are driving the race for cleaner air forward

Using the spectacle of sport, we're sending powerful and meaningful message to help change perceptions and speed up the switch to electric mobility. We also operate as a testbed to push the development of new technologies needed for an electric, low-carbon future. Learn more about our Sustainability mission.

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