17 Nov 20

FIA Smart Cities Live launches today, featuring expert insight on the challenges facing our urban centres

The digital summit for cities – FIA Smart Cities Live – launches today with live talks, interviews and debates on the challenges facing cities in the post-pandemic world. City leaders, industry experts and key global voices are on hand to discuss the cutting edge of change in the urban environment.

Living and inclusion, urban mobility, governance and economy, and technology are all on the agenda, with a busy opening day broadcast live – ready for you to tune in and get involved.

Last week’s ‘Shaping Cities for a Smarter Future’ Americas FIA Smart Cities eForum discussed how COVID-19 has changed mobility patterns for some one billion people around the world.

TUNE IN: Watch Smart Cities Live

The FIA Smart Cities Leaders eTalk doubles down on Wednesday November 18 from 1630 CET, with a focus on how city authorities might restore public trust in services, build automated solutions, rethink transport’s financing models and build a safer, more accessible urban mobility future.

The Smart City Live online platform is set to host key FIA Smart Cities partners, including Formula E Holdings - and CEO Jamie Reigle - ABB, Julius Bär and Michelin to provide insights on how the power of innovation can be leveraged to promote efficient and reliable smart cities solutions for a post-pandemic world.

Register to watch the FIA Smart Cities Leaders eTalk, set for November 18 from 16:30 CET

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