07 Jan 19

Event Guide: welcome to the 2019 Marrakesh E-Prix

After an epic start to the season in Saudi Arabia, where BMW i Andretti Motorsport's Antonio Felix da Costa clinched the manufacturer's maiden win in the series, we're bound for the majestic city of Marrakesh for round two of the 2018/19 season of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship on Saturday, January 12.

With victory falling to Mahindra Racing's Felix Rosenqvist last season and Nissan e.dams Sebastien Buemi the season before that, this year's race in at the Circuit International Automobile Moulay El Hassan will be the third in Formula E's history. With 11 teams and 22 new Gen2 cars and drivers battling it out on the streets, it's all still to play for as we go wheel-to-wheel in Morocco's imperial city of Marrakesh. Here's all you need to know ahead of the race in the Red City.

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felix win
Mahindra Racing's Felix Rosenqvist celebrates after clinching the win in the 2018 Marrakesh E-Prix.

EVENT GUIDE: Saturday, January 12


07:45 - Allianz E-Village opens, Allianz E-Village

The gates to the Allianz E-Village - Formula E’s fan festival at the heart of the E-Prix - open at 07:45. With activities for all ages, including the drivers' autograph session, food stalls, interactive displays and the chance to drive the track on our simulators in the Gaming Arena. Here, the three fastest fans will go through to the E-Race where they'll have the chance to race directly against the three fastest Formula E drivers. Think you can beat the pros? Now's your chance to prove it. Click here to learn more about the Allianz E-Village in Marrakesh. 

08:00 - Practice 1, Track

For those keen on getting in on every minute of racing action, the first free practice session of the day starts at 08:00. This is the first time the drivers will have the chance to drive the track under timed conditions, giving us an insight into how they'll perform during the race. Despite the timings, they don't count towards the race result - it's just a free practice session. Here, the drivers can make use of the full 250kW of the car's power.

09:30 - Pit Walk, Track 

Get to see behind the scenes and get up close to the team garages in the pit lane while the cars are being prepared for the race. 

10:15 - Practice 2, Track 

Yep, you guessed it - this session is exactly the same format as the first Practice only this is the second time the drivers will drive the track under timed conditions. This session is another chance for them to test the set-up of the car and make sure it's perfect for the race. Again, despite the timer running, this session doesn't count towards the race and drivers can make use of all 250kWs. Tune in below.

10:45 - Stunt Show, Allianz E-Village 

Head over to the Allianz E-Village for all the live stunts and extreme action sports. 

11:25 - Marrakesh Atlas Sprint

Head over to the track to see experienced cyclists compete in the Marrakesh Atlas Sprint, which takes place over two laps of the track (6km). 

11:45 - Marrakesh Atlas Sprint Podium ceremony, Podium

Head over to the podium to see the top three cyclists from the Marrakesh Atlas Sprint celebrate on the podium. 

12:00 - Stunt Show - Julien Dupont, Allianz E-Village

Here's your chance to see breathtaking stunt shows from French athlete Julien Dupont, accompanied by Red Bull athletes on bikes. Head over to the Allianz E-Village for all the action. 

12:00 - Qualifying, Track

Qualifying determines the starting grid for the race, with the fastest driver lining-up in first place. The session lasts one hour and sees drivers divided into groups, decided by a lottery conducted in advance. Each driver has six minutes to set their best time, with the top-five drivers proceeding to the Super Pole shoot-out (see below).

12:45 - Super Pole, Track

During the Super Pole shoot-out, the top six drivers from Qualifying go out one-by-one, with the slowest driver of the five going out first. As soon as they cross the line to start their flying lap, the pitlane light turns green and the fifth fastest driver heads out. This is repeated until all five drivers have completed a lap. The fastest driver out of the six will be awarded the Julius Baer Pole Position and an additional three points. It's all worth fighting for.

12:50 - Batucada - Live performance, Allianz E-Village

Head over to the Allianz E-Village after Super Pole to see the Batucada band perform live. 

13:10 - Stunt show - Julien Dupont, Allianz E-Village

Here's another chance to see the breathtaking stunt show from French athlete Julien Dupont, accompanied by Red Bull athletes on bikes. Head over to the Allianz E-Village for all the action.

13:30 - Art Academy, Live performance, Podium

Watch Art Academy perform a live dance show on the podium in the Allianz E-Village. 

14:00 - Marrakchis sur la piste, Track 

Here's your chance to get involved in the action and take to the track alongside fellow Marrakchis on a Medina Bike. 

cyclists at the Marrakesh E-Prix 2018

14:10 - Drivers' Autograph Session, Allianz E-Village

Head over to the Allianz E-Village to meet with the drivers at the Autograph session. From selfies to signing caps, t-shirts and all your Formula E memorabilia.

14:40 - E-Race final, Gaming Arena, Allianz E-Village
Not all the racing in Formula E takes place on the track. At every round of the championship is the E-Race - a virtual race taking place in the Gaming Arena of the Allianz E-Village, where drivers battle against the fans on simulators that replicate all the on-track action. With the three fastest fans going head-to-head against the three fastest drivers, the E-Race is the place to take on pros. Think you can do it? Learn more about the E-Race. 

16:00 - 2019 Marrakesh E-Prix, Track
No more testing, no more practice - this is it - when the lights go green, it's just 45minutes plus one final lap to the finish line of pure electric racing. 22 cars and drivers but just one winner - but who will it be? 

17:00 - 2019 Marrakesh E-Prix Podium Ceremony, Podium

That's it, the cars have crossed the line and the top three drivers will take to the podium but only one can claim the win - who will it be? Join in the celebration at the Podium.

17:30 - FNAIRE - Live performance, Podium

Stick around after the Podium ceremony to see headline act FNAIRE perform live at the Marrakesh E-Prix. 

19:00 - Allianz E-Village and 2019 Marrakesh E-Prix closes

That's it for the second race of the 2018/19 but the Championship is only just getting started. Join us for the next round in Santiago on January 26.